Which defense looks better after pulling dark lord

Current defense of should I change? I would have to take all emblems off zeline and replace with Kingston and emblem dark lord all the way up with 20 emblems. Which looks better to you guys?

How short you are on having two Wizards at +20? Having two at +19 is possible?

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zeline is the ultimate flank for a red tank. So that would be a mistake to swap her.
Just be patient and start leveling and embleming your DL.

I have 609 if they take then off costume kirill.

Since I have a Mana purple troop at 23, would that make dl really fast or no?

Id keep your defense as it is now for the moment.

Nop fast heroes go down to 7 tiles with mana 29 pr mana 23 + 2% from emblems.

Put Dark Lord in place of Alice and throw Alice in place of Quintus.

If they go red vs your Black knight , she will be strong vs them.
Also both flanks reduce attack at high speed!

Dark Lord And Joon nicely complete your lineup!

If you have any hit 3 hero at fast speed, throw Joon out, you already have two other snipers in lineup

Should I recall zeline and split between them? Probably get both to 15

Thanks. Didn’t think about that.

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