Which Dark 5*?

I’m looking for some advise on which Dark 5* gets my tabards. I currently have 8. I am FTP, so I don’t count on summoning. I’m a play with what I got kind of guy.

I’m leaning toward finishing Domitia because she has a costume, but I don’t know if that’s the right choice. My maxed 5s include: Nieth, Sif, Leo, Thorne, Magni©, SnowWhite, Kadilen©, MN, Evelyn, GM, JF, Puss-n-Boots. Maybe there is some synergy I’m missing.

For sure Domitia with costume. No doubts.


I second Costume Dom.

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Thanks for the input. I guess I should trust my instincts. How about thought on what to work on after Domitia.

Then you max out her costume asap because the stats boost is quite significant (puts S1 heroes on par with S3 heroes in terms of raw stats), and the mana bonus means you can charge her in 9 tiles with just a lv 5 mana troop, making her functionally fast. Her costume only needs 4 trap tools but no tabards btw so no worries there.

As for what’s next, well out of the 5* you have I think Victor has potentially the most utility, but since it’ll be a while before you gather more tabards, I say a second Proteus or Rigard never hurts. I levelled five (yes FIVE) cRigards for war and don’t regret it one bit.

Also I highly recommend maxing out Oberon’s costume asap, the costume is objectively superior since the poison damage is quite hefty for a 3* but most importantly it’s un-cleansable. Ridiculously OP for rush tourneys like this week’s.

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Thanks a lot for your thoughtful and great advise.

I agree with Rigard, but he doesn’t have its costume.
On the other hand, after C-Dom and maybe C-Oberon, go for C-Renfield. Always handy

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