Missed but finaly got Clarissa... Who gets the tabards?

Hi guys!
I did like 35 pulls this month but Clarissa eluded me… I have Sartana at 58 but no costume and Domitia at 1/1 but I have the costume available…

I have CRigard in my war and raid def team but I need a universal purple 5star…

So who should get 6 tabards out of the 13?

Or should I wait?

That’s a tough call as I think that Domitia’s costume enhances her significantly. Still, I am going to say Sartana based on the fact that she’ll be maxed relatively quickly and she is fast. By the time you get Domitia to 3.70, you may have six more tabards anyway.

Would like to trade some Clarissas…:rofl: jokes apart…if it isn’t costume Domitia you shouöd ascend Sartana…very good sniper…

Wow, that’s a lot of Clarissas. The HotM has eluded me too. May get one more shot with Valhalla coins, but I am not holding my breath.

Thankfully I don’t have the OPs issue. My only 5 star dark hero is Grimble and he can just look longingly at the tabards, at least for the moment.

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Too much…this month was crazy…pulled for Grave…5 Clarissas…pulled for costumes…3 more…today used some free coins…another Clarissa…RNG is crazy…


Domitia’s costume is totally worth it. Don’t hesitate to guve her tabards, you’ll never look back


Hey, there are two threads on Costume Domitia vs. ____ that you might find interesting:

I realize neither of those is exactly the situation you’re in here. But I think you’ll find them useful anyway, as they discuss the pros / cons of each choice. Personally, in your situation, I’d lean towards Domitia (assuming you have a level 5 or greater mana troop, which will eliminating most of the mana speed advantage Sartana has against her).

  • You don’t appear to have Seshat, so the dispel will be useful - C. Domitia has a lot of versatility since she can dispel / cleanse as needed. When C. Sonya joined my roster she saw a huge boost in usage for that reason. I see you have C. Sonya, so you probably know what I mean.

  • Without Sartana costume, the statistical edge goes to C. Domitia.

Hero Atk Def Health Damage*
Sartana 694 700 1382 935
C. Dom. 778 724 1411 970

*Damage numbers from Guvnor’s thread.

That said, check on your emblem situation. If one is in line for emblems, that could tip the scales.


Honestly you can’t go wrong with either. If you have the mana troop, my vote goes to C. Domitia because of her cleanse. It just adds that little bit extra versatility to her skill set, especially in this current DoT/debuff heavy era. If not, I’d lean towards Sartana for her speed.

Ok so Sarti stays at 58 and i will level Domitia and her costume… 13 tabards and I did not get neither Killhare nor Clarissa… Are there any good purple hotm worth chasing for? Or shoud I just bite the bullet snd ascend Vanillia heroes?

Note: i do about 10 pull every month…

As far as I know, no info has been released yet for what the next purple HoTM will be and if the scheduling remains the same, the next purple HoTM should be released in October. There are some very good purple HoTM from the past such as Hel and Seshat, but those are much harder to pull than what the current HoTM is. Or did you mean purple 5* heroes in general?

Agreed with Domitia. What I would add is you get the yellow D boost and you have a lot of good purple 4’s (C Rigard, Proteus, etc.) it can add protection to. Sartana is solely a sniper and you have other heroes on your roster who can take that role on admirably.

Good luck!

Long and short of it: Probably a fast Sartana wins unless you need a sturdy dispeller.

With the costume mana bonus, Dom only needs a L5 mana troop to go from 10 tiles to 9
(compared to Sartana’s 8)

So the speed difference is only 1 tile

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Fair call, but in terms of maximum potential you could say the same with Sartana getting a lv 29 mana troop and shaving hers down to 7

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The OP is FAR more likely to get L5 mana troops than L29


That’s true, but I always look at what the best possible outcome is in the long term, not the short term. But then again I’m different, I can wait for the grind lol. Otherwise I would have quit ages ago :joy:

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I don’t disagree.

But I see L29 troops as either ~2 years in game or $8,000 US.

Now at the point of 29 troops (however you get there) Sartana might not be their best purple.

Again, if a costume is pulled for sartana, a much lower troop is needed.

And by that stage, the OP is likely to have tabards for both (we hope)

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Yep fair point, practicality right now vs grinding / expensive long-term (or before one rage quits, like we have seen so many people do recently)

This game is all about who can put up with the most nonsense and endure SG’s taunts. That’s how I would summarise this game. Whether you pay or not.


Even if he had costumed Sartana I still go with costumed Domitia. She’s just better.

I see it a bit differently; due to the match 3 nature of this game, 7 tiles still means you’ll need 3 matches during the opening rounds. Granted yes you could get lucky and make a 4 match and only need 2 turns to fire, but I’d say more often than not you’re still gonna be looking for 3 matches to fire even at 7 tiles.

So fast at 7 tiles vs average at 9 tiles is the same to me, and it comes to whichever hero has better utility/fits into my roster better.

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