Should I level Costumed Quintus, or is that madness/a waste of tabbards?

I don’t have any dark heroes to level up now I have finished levelling Freya.

My options are Zulag (Not impressed, don’t think she would ever be my purple tank ahead of Ursena +19), Sargasso (again, not impressive compared to my other dark snipers)

So I am left considering Costumed Quintus, especially with fast wars and tournaments now a thing.

Is this a terrible idea? Will I regret it, and wish I had saved the tabbards?

Roster below for context:

Just an fyi, costumes don’t consume 4 star unfarmable items. They just require 3 or 4 of the 3 star ones so in your case of C. Quintus, trap tools. If you got the spare tools and tabards for regular Quintus then by all means level him up and then level the costume. But yeah, you have a +19 Ursena and Iirc, she is possibly the best in class.

Your roster is pretty impressive none the less. :grin:


Thanks Aunty :smile:

I still need to collect a few more tabbards, so don’t have any going just going spare.

Non-costume is still at 1-1, so would be starting from scratch.

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@Cbr You’re welcome. I just pulled October’s HoTM and I am a couple tabards short on being able to get her to 4th tier. So here’s hoping I can score one from the Halloween event. :thinking:

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I’ve been on the receiving end of a cQuintus special and it’s not really pleasant. He hits like a truck and the attack debuff makes it annoying to try and hurt the rest of his team back. He’s a actually a pretty scary defender imo.

Not sure on offense.

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I have costume Quintus +10 … I wouldn’t put him on defence but in offence he hits hard when he goes off.
Use him at the right time and he is impressive.
And in a stack with Sartana, Clarissa, Costume Domitia and Costume Rigard he has been invaluable

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I’d go for it.

If you find yourself wanting more dispel then I’d consider doing Domitia first but… Well Seshat is a better version of her, so unless you’re desperate for a dispeller for wars, I’d go with Quintus.

He will be a god rush attack war mode…

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