Which Blue5* hero to ascend?

Good Morning Everyone,

I have a dilemma? I have Alaise at level 3/70 and just got Aiger in an Atlantis pull. I have four telescopes and have been waiting for the last two for a few months. My tank currently is Kiril which is fully ascended. I’ve had him from the beginning.

I’m usually fluctuating between 2,500 - 2,700 cups. I recently hit a high of 2,802 cups. Then I get slaughtered when everyone raids me. My raid defense team is Joon, Elena, Kiril, Sartana and Lianna. All fully ascended. I feel I just need a stronger tank to advance farther in raids.

So, should I work on Aiger or ascend Alaise when I get the telescopes and pray for a better tanks.

Suggestions and comments are appreciated. Thanks!!

alasie over aegir. she can play tank role if need be and possibly even better than aegir

I would do Alasie as well, I see her as a more solid hero

Unless you’re stacked on snipers, I’d hit Alasie as well.

Kiril is a good, good tank. Probably Aegir is a better one, but Kiril + Alasie is WAY better than Kiril + Aegir.

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