Fenrir or Alasie? Who deserves telescopes?

Hi everyone,

I have some problems deciding who ascend first, but first, some generals:

My actual defense team:
Finley (+19) Anzogh (+13) Kunchen (+19) C. Joon (+14) Kingston (+13)

In my alliance, we are using (as many) green tank, so I’m using Kingston, but I’m upgrading Atomos (I decided Atomos, because I also have Yunan, but Kingston has the same emblems), and I can give Atomos emblems to +19.

So, my options here are Fenrir or Alasie. My blue maxed heroes are Richard, Finley (+19) and Frida (+8)

I don’t think that Fenrir or Alasie will be in my main team… I’m thinking more for raids, wars or titans. But, I want to make the better decision, because Fenrir use the same emblems that Yunan and Kingston ( maybe Yunan will be my next tank), and Alasie use the same emblems that Finley.

So, what would you do?

Thanks for all the help

Alasie is better in defense for sure, even though it’s not a need. Fenrir is a great finisher but a little brittle. I’m leaning towards Alasie.

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I fear Alasie much more than Fenrir. I just wish she wasn’t competing with other rangers like my Seshat.

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Don‘t have Fenrir, but love my Alasie from the first time, she was introduced to the game :heart: . Give her a try


I have both.
Fenrir maxxed +7 (I didnt have Alaise at the time, and I do have other blues)
Alaise still not fully levelled, yet I still use her in late wars, and she works well
So my comparison is kinda skewed, but I would say Alaise first, but definitely maxx Fenrir when you can.
I take my 5* to at least 3/70, then kick the tires with them to test them out, then decide which to max.
Think about your playstyle and needs, and decide accordingly.
Hope this helps.
Good luck :slight_smile:



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Alasie for the win!!

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Another vote for Alasie.

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I have both and for me there is no possible comparison. Alasie is better. When raiding if there is a fenrir in the team I never worry about him. Alasie is another story.

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Thanks for your help.

I think Alasie will get those scopes.

But, she will not get any emblems until next year. Finley take it all.

Good gaming !!

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