Which blue to start on

I have listened to the wise ones on here and built a team of ascended four stars x 5, just finishing Kiril off, I have all the items for my first five star blue reserved, who would you pick from these, Alice, Richard, Isarnia or Miki. I’m thinking Alice?

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It is between the following three: Alice, Richard, and Miki. If you are lacking healers, then go with Ariel, if you need a tanky attack debuffer, go with Richard. If you do not have Tarlak but want that kind of special attack, then go Miki.


To be slightly more precise, I think it depends on what you need and/or are looking for to support your bench at this time.

  • ALICE: Has the benefit of being a nice, well-rounded hero that can perform multiple roles for your bench but doesn’t excel at any one field particularly. A decent sniper with a decent effect that can be quite useful in wars or specific event scenarios, but isn’t great beyond that. She’ll be a reliable supporting team mate you’ll use for a long time, but she doesn’t excel at anything in particular. A good, well-rounded hero.
  • RICHARD: A stout tank that’s considered a respectable contender in the field, certainly not the best overall but easily among the best for blue, Richard has a very devastating special but is somewhere between average to subpar anywhere else. His tile damage is poor, making him ill suited to Titans, and outside of a combo-team (featuring Kiril and Grimm among the classic heroes and Frida if you’re so lucky otherwise) performs pretty suboptimally in offensive raids or events, only excelling at not-dying and possibly supporting the team with the attack debuff. A great tank, certainly in the top 10 especially with emblems, but subpar or average outside of that role, depending on the supporting team. He can be pretty devastating if you pair him into a Kiril > Grimm > Richard combo, especially since they all charge and fire at once, but outside of that, he’s not that great.
  • MIKI: From what I understand, he’s one of the best all-stars on a Titan team against anything but a green Titan, but he does pretty poorly everywhere else due to his special being slow charge speed, his innate ability being extremely limited in usefulness (who he stops, I don’t know, but I imagine it’s the likes of Cabin Boy Peters, Merlin, and maybe Hansel/Gretel, so not a particularly large list), and the special being pretty much useful only on Titans due to the many stipulations. An excellent Titan killer, but kinda meh outside of that.

Full disclaimer, I only have Richard among these three, but I have multiple snipers to have a vague idea of how Alice would perform, and I’ve heard enough about Miki to give you a basic rundown.

So without knowing the rest of your team and/or needs, I’d say Alice. Generally for your first blue 5*, you want the most versatile one possible, and Alice fits the bill. Snipers are always useful, she has decent stats, and the attack debuff can help against Titans. But you’d have to pick beyond those depending on your needs. And bonus round:

  • ISARNIA: Don’t own one, would appreciate one since I have no other blue 5* and have maxed my existing ones already, and I could use the Wizard emblems. She’s kinda useful in defense if she fires, but she’s squishy, and I always keep an eye on her, but she usually dies before firing unless I had a really bad board. Great for tile damage and any class trials that involve wizards, but probably not worth writing home about. Has among one of the most devastating specials if she fires… if she fires being key.

Thanks for that detailed reply, so I’ll ponder on Alice the all rounder and Miki for titans, I am still leaning towards her, I have Grimm, Sonia and Triton with some emblems and in a couple of days Kiril will be finished. Appreciate all your help, as always the forum is full of helpful people with great knowledge.

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Depending on what level of Titan you’re facing, a 3/70 8/8 Miki may be good enough.

Snipers really need their full, raw stats to shine. A 3/70 Miki would do okay albeit be kinda squishy. A 3/70 Alice is pretty much useless unless she gets lucky enough to survive to tickle. That’s how I feel about my 3/70 Seshat and 3/70 Obakan, though they have big sister Panther to help them out, so not exactly a fair comparison.


At the moment 8 and 9 star titans, I tried so hard for Panther but no luck, I do have Seshat but trap tools always evade me and Rigard is still waiting for two more. I will level my fives depending on what ascension items I have at first, red will be next out of Elena, Black Knight, Red Hood and Grazul.

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Sounds like pretty good heroes! I’d wait until you have the rings for your reds before you ask, because you never know what you’ll pull before then.

But congrats on your pulls! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

A 3/70 Miki will probably be adequate, especially if Alice is in the stack to help him out. You’ll need to burn healing potions and banners to help him survive, but he’ll help your team out tremendously, on the level of Wu Kong and Ranvir and Tarlak.

And grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I’d love to have your blue problem right now just because I have a bunch of scopes (though not quite 6 yet) that are waiting for a home. Someday.


Alice first because Miki is ok at 3/70 ( your probably not facing 11* plus titans right now). Grim Kiril Alice Miki is a solid titan team against red. There are better tanks in the game so Alice for the sniper damage plus rogue class she’s a solid choice. Miki is Barbarian and there’s a few more better choices for that so … prioritize where you can emblem or atleast keep it in consideration. Gl my friend

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Another vote for Alice.

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This is correct :+1: His innate ability is the same as one of Poseidon’s buffs, which blocks those status effects.

Poseidon’s special skill protection buff, for reference:


Among those listed, Alice happened to be the most annoying in raid. So, another vote for her.
Richard served me well as a tank until I maxed Kunchen. So Richard comes a close 2nd. His attack debuff for three is very helpful against the snipers.
As for Miki, she (or he?) Is decent enough at 3 70 but required much help from Kiril and health potion to survive against 8 * and above titan.

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Alice again!
Currently leveling mine as well and she has done some wonder for me for a long long time.
I raid with Grimm, Sonya and her (at 3/70 since march or april, 4/xx since 2 weeks ago) and she is doing wonder.
Her special is just so useful to stop any sniper from being a threat, more so in field aid!

Can’t wait to finish her and give her a few nodes!

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Thank you all, Alice it is and then Miki, then Richard. I shall come me back and ask about the red’s soon, I have all the items for them too. It need to finish Guardian Falcon first and then I’m not sure if a second BT or Wilbur for wars would be helpful.

Wilbur for wars… I swear by him. He can go with anybody and the defense down up is huge. So, what I do is use Wilbur Wu and three strong Blue for 1 hit then second Wilbur three strong ( depending on tank) Ranvir. It allows me to use a high level red and yellow troop for the war hits. Makes two successful war hits usually.


Thanks for the tip, second Wilbur sounds like a good choice.

Agree on 2nd Wilbur for war depth. You can also use a dispeller with him to target the weakest enemy. Fire Wilbur, then a dispeller. The spirit link gone but defense down stay. The weakest enemy will be an easy meat for your sniper or bigger damage by a pulverizer.
In high level battle, a +10 emblemmed Wilbur works great to counter an Aegir tank too.


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