Which blue to assend

I have Finley, Ariel, vela and king Arthur fully asended. Rumpelstiltskin and Miki is at 3.70. I have Magni, Vela, Alice, Aegir and Richard ar 1.01. I can ascend one of them. Whom should I ascend? This should be for all purpose like raid, titan and challenge event.

Do you plan to emblem the new blue you will ascend ? That could make the difference.
Anyways i think that a blue sniper could come in handy to you. So i would max Alice.

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May as well go with Miki since you have him at 3.70. He would last longer for all general purposes (titan included) and he is the best Challenge Event buffer for all events but Avalon.

But you’re fine with him at 3.70 then go with Alice. Best blue sniper IMO and one of the best ones in general.


I am not planning to put emblems as my rogue emblems are with Musashi and guardian jackal. I do not currently have good yellow. So these two give me good tile damage against titans along with wu. Should I strip Mushshi and emblem Alice. Same applies for Miki as my barbarian emblems are with costumed Azlar.

I would keep your emblems on cAzlar since he’s essentially a slower but more damaging Gravemaker. I don’t think Miki needs emblems to be good necessarily.

For Alice, I think it makes sense in your case to leave them on Musashi since you said you don’t have many strong yellow heroes (and he is indeed very good for tile damage).

Thanks. I would then ascend Alice and try to emblem her to whatever extent possible. I have some emblems with cDominita. Maybe will strip her and give those to Alice.

Next in line will be Miki followed by Magni.

If you are hitting high enough level titans where Miki is getting 1-shot by the titan’s slash attack, then max Miki first. Otherwise you can support 3/70 Miki with items and ascend another blue.

I would also choose Alice out of the choices you mentioned. Btw, Miki is super important for Legendary mode in challenge events if you compete.

I’m going to buck the trend and say Aegir oddly enough. You already have Arthur for Titans and Finley is a strong fast sniper like Alice but he has his secondary hit and that is why you see him sooo much on defense. Arthur may only be average, but he hits like a Mac Truck and his target is easily finished off afterwards. Do you really need Alice?

I love my snipers but have found in the past few months that having some different heroes that don’t do any or minor damage thrown into the mix to be advantageous if you construct the team right.

Damage sharing heroes like Gunnar and Wilbur have saved my butt when the tiles went south half way into a raid on tourneys, especially when facing sniper heavy teams.

This I agree 100%. There is a huge difference between a 3/70 Miki and a maxed Miki. While decently usable at 3/70, a maxed Miki would have better stats thus hitting a bit harder and survive a bit longer, lessening your time and effort healing him and be able to focus more time on tile movement and tile play for best results. I had Miki obtained since August 2020 (his month of release as HOTM) and been at 3/70 since then until I finally maxed him as my 7th maxed ice legendary just a few months ago. You’ll see an improvement in your titan score. Miki is not only good against red titans, but to most titans as well, except those that reflect blues, and with King Arthur, you only need a regular defense debuffer (Athena, Isarnia, costumed Magni, Grimm, costumed Kiril, Gunnar, Ulmer) and two more heroes with the highest attack stats in your roster and you’ll see red titans easily go down with ease.

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Currently we are at 5-6 titans only. So, miki is serving well at 3/70. I also want to considerably increase my rank in challenge events to get better rewards. So, I do not think Aegir is an immediate requirement. So, either niki or alice will go. Hope I am correct. What about Rumpelstiltskin?

Rumple is a good hero, but tough to plan around wth the random skill. Don’t like seeing him as a defensive opponet, again you don’t know whats going to hit you.

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Late to the game, but miki. Great for titans(THE best), great for challenge events, i dont raid w/him much but decent in war. Alice after Miki.

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Thanks for the feedback. Let it be MIKI then.

I have now ascended Miki and Alice. Which blue hero next Rumpel, Magi, Aegir or Glenda.

Or wait for Frost.

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