Which Blue next?

I have Kiril +8 and Sonya +6 they are not shown in the picture. I was thinking Richard…

Any help would be appreciated.

If you need war/raid tank, then Richard.

If you need defencive flank/wing and an amazing sniper you can use everywhere go for Alice.

I have all of those plus Magni, and a similar Dilemma, I choose Alice.


Level Ariel!!!


Ariel, she is an amazing healer, and her mana gain comes in very handy!


I agree with Demon, I didnt see you have Ariel. Lol

Go with Ariel. And never look back!!!

She is amazing part of most of my teams.!!

I was actually thinking Ariel at first, then thought maybe Richard, guess I should have gone for my first instinct. Thank you

Ariel might have one of the worst artworks in the game but she’s awesome - right to the top of the list.

Alice is great but you already have a blue sniper (Magni) so there’s no rush there.

Isarnia is mighty powerful, if a little squishy.

Richard is okay, he makes a decent tank but is nothing particularly special.

I’d look at overall bench depth - Ariel is awesome, but if you need a 5* healer… if you’re lacking a useable tank in any colour and want to improve defence then Richard or Ariel can work there… If you’re lacking an AoE destroyer then Isarnia is appealing.

What do you have maxed in other colours?


Another vote for Ariel. I’m all in whenever she’s featured. Spent too much $$$ chasing her.

Purple - seshat, Rigard, gafar, proteus, Tibs
Yellow - Wu,Gretel,li xiu,Chao, Joon & vivica 3/70
Green - Melandor,peters,Caedmon,Hansel,kashrek,Kingston 4/67
Red - boldtusk,Wilbur,Colen,Gormek,g.falcon, captain kestrel 3/70

I have other 4* at 3/60 waiting to finish. I also have vivica costume at 3/70

1.Ariel 2. Alice. 3.Vela

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So you’ve got three snipers ascended, great start - you want variety now.
Early days on 5* ascension defence isn’t necessarily the absolute top priority just yet…

You’ve got two awesome 5* healers in Ariel and Vivica-costume… I wouldn’t be doing both just yet.
If you do Vivi-C, you could ascend some AoE in Vela or Isarnia (if it were me, I’d probably go Vela first purely to avoid having too much slow).
If you did Ariel, is Joon your only other 5* holy option?

With three snipers ascended, I’d probably lean towards doing Vivi-C as my first healer rather than Ariel even though Ariel is the better hero… Unless there’s some other interesting holy hiding in the wings?

Kiril/Grimm/Magni are great mix, Ariel would take it next level. You won’t regret her. But you are in pretty good spot now, I’d say you can go whichever way you want now and would likely not regret.

In my honest opinion, I would focus on Ariel next. Good luck

overall IMO you are SHORT healers. You’ll need at least 6 healers and 12 is better for war. 5* healer are REALLY hard to come by(envious) so It has to be Arieal

I would emblem the dickens out of ur 4*healers


Ariel I just maxed her took her to +5
Totally changed my defence and war hits against me.
Sure the other heros help too but all iv done is swap her for kiril.
Even my offence is better with just using her and legendary quest at teltoc was easier too!

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I’v fought against her. The place i lake to find her is in the wings. she doesn’t effect much of the attack from the hinterlands

That’s my personal experience iv had with her. Sure she she can be taken out like anyone else. But healing cleanse mana gain for everyone ain’t to shabby not many can do that!

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5* yellow - justice, neith, leonidas, onatel

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In that case… You’ve got some really interesting holy options.

Go Ariel and start on Onatel as your holy to ascend. IMHO!

I was planning Onatel as soon as I finish Guardian Jackal. Thank you.

Onatel kicks ■■■ - works great on offence, slows enemy mana regen and pretty decent at tank. Throw in Ariel boosting mana regen and that’s a deadly pairing.

I’d definitely look at it bench-wide… You want a 5* healer and you want some variety in function rather than just more snipe.

Options then begin to look like:

  • Ariel + Onatel, Justice or Neith
  • Vivica-costume + Vela or Isarnia.

Out of that, I think you’ll find much more use and more interesting team-building possibilities in future if you go with Ariel and Onatel.

Loads of fun options to choose between :slight_smile:


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