Which blue 5* should be the next? (Magni, Missandra, Miki)

Hey guys,
A little while ago I asked about Misandra vs Magni for the final ascention but I sadly got no even one response… So I’ll try again with a different approach!
I’m desperatly lacking a fast blue damage dealer. Magni and Missy are both sitting at 3/70 because I can’t really descide. I like both very much on offense, for defense, both would be very okay as well!
A lot of people already asked the same question because the answer doesn’t seem to be so easy.
What I like about Magni is the the very high damage output combined with the protection his skill offers. On the other hand, he’s not that bulky… On the other other hand, he’ll receive a costume soon and with that will be even more deadly…
Misandra is bulkier and I like the small mana gain for my average heroes, although her damage is not so game changing and she will often only hit once…

Too make it even more complicated, I’ll try to get Miki, and I have Isa sitting at 3/70 as well and I do like her costume because I still don’t have any great candidate for my sourcerer emblems!

So many heroes, not enough scopes!! :sweat_smile:

Btw I only have Arthur and Frida fully maxed so far but at least one copy of almost every blue 4* hero at 4/70!

Thanks in advance!

If you fighting with titans with 10* or less Miki at 3^70 should be enough.



for attack magni, for defense misandra, for titans & boss levels isarnia with mana pots imo. I see no use for miki unless u fight with high level titans…

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I have magni maxed with emblems. I can tell you that I see more misandra in diamond than magni though he does appear. Magni also helps by giving the defence up boost to himself and nearest allies. Personally I would go with misandra if I had her then magni since miki works at 3.70 mainly on titans anyhow so his being at max isn’t a huge deal compared to the snipers.
You can also search the enp hero tool, not anchors guide, it’s razors tool which will show you how much each hero is used in to 100 etc. You can load your hero’s in and which position then see how they appear in the top levels being used.
Good luck.

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I’m fighting 11* and 12* Titans… But I don’t have Miki so far anyway and I won’t spend much this month…

I already checked before but I wonder why a great number of people are fokusing on increasing Misandras bulk with emblems even more and not so much her attack stat…I guess her utility beats her damage capabilitys huh?!

Some people go for the attack stat. I increase the def and hp. My thinking is if they’re not alive they can’t fire their special or be healed. The attack does make a difference but if they’re gone its useless and only the tile damage helps. Either way Any hero can be beat with the right board. I can take out guin, gm, kunchen., zeline and drake easily with a good board.

Magni - hits hard hits fast and buffs his flanks (793 attack with 420% mutiplier rates him among the best snipers in the game)

Misandra - more like an all rounder with the occasional mana gain gamble

Miki - titan specialist

I would give Magni first. I maxed Magni first while keeping Misandra 3/70 in the past till I had enough scopes. Mis doesn’t hit hard enough and her best benefit is the mana gain and at 3/70 it is enough for use since it does not happen all the time. With Magni, you will have guaranteed results and he strikes fear in many since they are afraid when he fires.


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