Ascend Misandra or Magni


Following is my current Blue mono heros and now I can ascend one 5* blue. However I cannot decide between Misandra and Magni. I need you guys’ opinion who to ascend now. Vela is sitting in my defense team.

I’m not sure about Misandra, because I don’t have her yet. But I do have Magni leveled up to node #9 and I’m really not impressed with him. Kind of mediocre.

I have no idea on offense but on defense when facing magni vs misandra:

Magni will kill you vs misandra will give u the chance to kill her.



I have Magni maxed and use in my mono blue, he is great sniper and protect nearbly fast speed.

Snow White

But my progress right now is leveling Snow White, I plan to use pair with Kiril-CB, Kiril-C, Vela and Raffaele/Magni, this can be devasting damage with so much buff and ailments status. I do not have her maxed, still in progress… I see this from Snow White thread here :information_source: Snow White – 5* Ice/Blue from Fables of Grimforest.
It only need optimal potential buff 16x. Wilbur gave us 10 enemies and 10 allies = 20 buff/ailment. Double Kiril (CB and C) give us also the same… 10+10 = 20. So I think it is not hard
to get optimal buff/ailment.
Notes: Snow White with optimal damage buff/ailment status is more devasting then Super Slow Cobalt (3x charge).

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If it is only an issue with Misandra vs Magni, I would choose the latter as he deals huge damage against the single target and buffs the defense of himself and nearby. He is a good titan hero because of his high attack stat. On top of that, he may be improved not only by emblems, but costumes as well. Misandra doesnt hit as hard as Magni and her chain doesn’t seem to activate as often as you want. You’ll just ger frustrated with her and regretful in maxing her. She can be improved by emblems only as S2 heroes don’t have a costume version… yet (?).

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