Which are your favourite old HOTM?

Id like to know which of these old hotm are your favourites. Also, if you please , you can add why you like It.

Lets start with my list .(It doesnt Matter if you dont have It )

Delilah .
What to say about It ? Shes yellow, she heals, shes not slow and she is kind of sturdy with her minion generator. Shes a must have , if you have, when stacking yellows.


A true beast
Its a better or an upgraded proteus .

Drake Fong
hes my favourite Hero so far. A fast AOE with a blindness effect? Join me in .

I dont know if she is any kind of an effective hero but i love her art and on pappers his undispelleable damage seems so high

My least fav old hotm are

Aeron which was powercreeped by c.rigard and Margaret .

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My favourites are

HEL: the only old hotm I have. She has been a life saver on many occasion stopping bosses or opponents from gaining mana and giving me control of a battle.

Delilah: the original minion maker. So many times I’ve fought her and Been wound up by a field of minions picking away at my health gauges. Sadly surpassed in so many ways now but still a legend.

Albi: the original resurrection hero. A hero I’d still love to get, he’s ruined so many of my raids or war attacks over the past 2 years.


I hope you can get it with this new feature SG will release in May!

Not a chance. Have you seen the odds of getting a HOTM? With the few free pulls from the quest I’ll end up with 4* food at best


A vote for Natalya! Mine is +15 right now, and is on my regular raid attack team. She burns Telluria down to the ground! (Vela, too!)

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And if I could get one… Hel… My purple is so lacking (Sorry, Grimble), and the 5* Proteus looks amazing.

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I don’t know why, but I’ve always been partial to Musashi. His special is a little underwhelming, to be sure—he’s not Drake or Joon or Onatel—but I’ve always liked his artwork and have wanted to make good use of his special.

Unfortunately, he’s never fallen to me.

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Seshat. Because I actually have her :wink:

that, and she’s quite amazing. Fast mana, dispel, pretty strong sniping, and the replicating minions that make her virtually invincible against heroes with weaker offenses. Mine is sturdy enough to take on Gravemaker 1-1 and win. If it comes down to 1-1 Sesh vs. a healer… whohoo!


The old HOTM that I actually have that I absolutely love:
Grazul… very fast, tanky, mini-healing.

The old HOTM that I really, really, desperatly want (but will probably never have):
Kunchen… slow, but tanky, and lovely heal-cleansing. Perfect compliment to Viv, in my mind.

I’d want Hel. She’s Proteus with might!

Old favourite HotM I own:

I love the artwork and her effect is amazing. I remember when my roster was small and I was still raiding rainbow or 2-1-1-1… How often I was behind, had 3 heroes dead while 3 enemies still alive, but she and Aegir would take care of it. In combination with Proteus I finished final stages of challenge events without the bosses not even charging once. I also have Zimkitha and she is probably the better overall hero, I use her more often in raids while Onatel is only used to fight dark tanks. But still, my heart beats for Onatel

HotM I don’t have:

Do I really need to explain why? Love his special, hated him hard when he was the last man standing and reviving his whole team… Oh c’mon, really? If it was only one more tile, you’d be dead! And now you bring back all your friends? Afraid to fight alone? Fine… I’m dead

Unfortunately he was hotm before I started playing. I was also unlucky when he was featured in Atlantis (not a single 5* from atlantis for me in 1.5 years, while doing everytime at least one 10 pull for at least the past 6 months). But with Tavern of Legends coming soon, there will be a chance again.

I’d also like to have Evelyn, alone her elemental defdown is reason enough!

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Definitely Hel. I’ve fallen in love with mana blocking when I started using Hansel & Gretel in my first 4* squad. 5* heroes just don’t do that. They can slow it, yes. Telluria, Guinevere, Neith, etc. can slow mana, but I think Hel’s the only one to block it entirely. I expect I’ll miss mana blocking when I get my 5* squad.
2nd is Athena. I’m a big fan of defense down.
Then there’s Gravemaker. I don’t like him less than Athena. His art is awesome, he’s very fast, and he burns aggressively. I like a good aggressive offense.

Drake Fong doesn’t give me the same burning excitement as the above three, but he’d definitely be my first pick of any yellow hero. I’m a big fan of accuracy down, and Drake is also renowned as one of the best 5* ever.


From what I have:

  1. Gravemaker : Very fast, high burn damage and great on any occasion

From those I really want to get without any luck
2. Albi : what can i say? He ressurect
3. Kunchen : big Healing, cleanse, and give defensive debuff to the enemy. He heal and support attack at the same time
4. Seshat : She can survive by herself and still win the battle due to her high damage and dupicating minion buff that make her hard to be killed
5. Zeline : Because I like that high heel she put on. And also for her dispeller + AOE attack

WoW lots of us still wanting for Hel . Shes still one of the best purples around .

I dont see too much love for Natalya n

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Alasie…Fast…high damage…mana control…elemental link. Whats not to love. She’s still in my raid offense.

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From what I have … I have Aeron and Gregorion

Who I want: GM and Alby.

My fav is my first (maybe I’m partial because of that fact) Evelyn. She’s been on my defense since I leveled her, she’s in every war, every blue titan, every green stack, every 3/2 heavy green, every 3/2 light green. I love the elemental D down and the HoT to other greens. She also dispels buffs and hits 3 enemies.

After that it’s a toss up between Ranvir and Miki for titan purposes.

If there was one prior to Evelyn that I’d love to have, that’s a very difficult question. There’s a lot of them and it’s hard to nail down which one I’d love to use. Maybe Zimkitha or GM.

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Agree, if I could have one and only one it would be Hel.

Really? A toss up between Ranvir and Miki??? You’re the first I’ve heard say that. Miki is sooooo much better than Ranvir.

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There is one and only one HOTM above them all and that is Alby. Hel probably a close second :joy:

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