Which are your favourite old HOTM?

I have MN or maybe I’d agree…but still, I think mana block is the best skill in the game. Hel still on top!

My order of progression in damage amplifiers was Wu Kong to Ranvir and then I got Miki. So Miki goes against red and yellow titans and Ranvir goes against purple, blue, and green titans and I have pretty good success with both. So for me it’s a toss up

I only started in playing in August and the first HOTM I got was in December. So, Grimble, Telluria & Malosi aren’t exactly ‘old’.

However, I did pull Anzogh during March’s Atlantis so he has to be my favourite oldie as he’s my only one! :smile:

It will be Onatel because her mana steal is very useful and also she’s the first 5* I maxed. And I got her with incredible luck, from a single Atlantis pull when she was featured there in November 2019.

I’d love to have a lot of them… Hel, GM, Albi, Kunchen, Seshat, etc.

Of the ones I have: I have Miki, Grimble, and Malosi.

Malosi is still under construction, but I suspect he should be awesome once he’s done.

Grimble? Left him out in the stables with his donkey until I can find a use for him.

Miki? :heart: Miki




Miki for sure! How could I forget to put him on my list, too… Wish I had him.

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From my collection, Zeline is my favorite. Such an amazing card. The majority of heroes released lately are so niche but zeline is just great all around. Really love her.

I would really like to get GM or Natalya because i’m in love with dot heroes.

I have him (Musashi) on my alt… He’s okay… His main failing is that he’s only at his best when it doesn’t matter - by which I mean that his healing only really happens in any significant way on a good yellow board, but in current climate (where anything between 3-2 and mono is standard) a good yellow board often means you don’t need that healing.

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On topic…

Where do we draw the line?
I don’t necessarily think of Seshat being all that old… How old is “old” ?!

I use Delilah a lot, she’s excellent.

The one I most desire would have to be Evelyn.

From those in my collection:

Natalya: Picked her up during December’s Atlantis. Very useful against Tellurias. Her art is also nice and I like the animation of her special (though no chains, more like Burning Rune or something).

Miki: First I considered him useless due to having Ranvir and Miki being slow… except I failed to notice Miki does not cause you miss. Once I noticed that he became a mainstay on Titans (except Thunder Unicorn of course. I hate that horse). He has cool design and his special looks like Tarlak’s, except with some serious weapon and not some flimsy tribal bat.

From those I don’t have:
Alby, though he has design of a stereotypical anime protagonist (young, weird hair color, channels his powers by his hand …) but his special is rare and I would like to have someone who revives (except Marie-Thérèse, who is also cool but not subject of this discussion).

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