"Second choice" 5 stars and what to with them

Hello folks,

at the end of the month, I will start maxing my second 5s team. I already have my ideas clear enough about them, but I will open a topic when the time will come.

Today, I wanted to ask advices about a bunch of 5s that are in my deck, but I don’t know what to do with them.

They are:

  • Horgall
  • Obakan
  • Mokk-Arr
  • Captain Sargasso

I have also other, but those are the one I read the worst about them.
Are they so useless? Especially Sargasso and Mokk-Arr, I fought many times against Obakan and Horgall and I have a good enough idea about them.

What should I do with them? I think I heard/read there will a feature to trade heroes for others from a shop but I may remember wrong. If that’s the case (being wrong), would make sense feeding them to other 5s (maybe when they reach the last ascension)?

Consider that for purple, I also have in line Khiona (most likely my next 5s purple project), Ursena, a 3/70 Domitia and Aeron, so plenty to work on eventually.

For greens, I have in line just Elkanen and Horgall, but I am definitely inclined toward the elf (if I don’t get Kingston or Lianna this month).

Your opinions are very appreciated, especially as said about Sargasso and Mokk-Arr.

If you take a look at the top 100 players, Obakan regularly appears in a few of the defence teams…

I see Obakan in raids frequently, he’s not the absolute worse hero.

Not sold on Horghall an ounce but I know of 1 or 2 within my own alliance that gave him tonics

I’m team Mok-Arr, to me he’s the perfect hero with the right supporting cast. Him on a purple mono team would be great, I also hear his damage to allies can be taken care of with Wilbur.

Don’t know of the Captain guy.

Imo I would treat Obakan as a vanilla Sumitomo. And I would keep Mok-Arr for mono dark teams against holy titans. Cannot really comment on Sargasso as I have never gone up against him in a raid yet. Horghall can easily be beaten with a 3 stack fire team. I have had a lot of success going against a Horghall tank. Very rarely lost. If I did lose to a Horghall tank, it was most likely a bad board.

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Mokk-Arr is JUNK but save him they WILL fix him some day. He would work on a total purple stack.
Obakan is usable to a degree.
1 Horgall is enough.
Sargasso I know nothing about.
In your whole list I only see 2 tanks maybe, Horgall can be used. And I think Ursena can also and probably better. If Ursena is no tank then Horgall is.
I would take Ursena before Khiona.

The hero academy is coming.
Don’t feed them away. They may be useful in the hero academy if they aren’t fixed by then.

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Khiona and don’t do anything else.

Ursena aint bad if you have extra tabards.

Thank you all.

Yes, Obakan is not bad, I see quite often too, but when I fight against him I don’t find him much of a threat.

Horgall is similarly structured as Gormek (which I totally dislike), basically an enormous meatbag.

I don’t do much mono, except for titans, so I guess Mokk-Arr will stay on the bench for a lot more time. I’d rather pump Ursena, for her holy reflection.
But I really hope they will fix the shark at some point, as now he’s not very usable besides specific situations.
Or that I can find a use for him in hero academy.

I’m sorry there aren’t many information about Sargasso, as I believe he can be interesting in AW with his -80% on healing. His stats are more than decent too.


Just i get a blow of bad lucky, mokk ar in atlantis, sargasso in last corellia event, and grimble in december hotm.
All they are 1.1, also i have kageburado +15, seshat +5, and i think i dont will use this new heroes.
Mokk really need a fix, seriously

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