Legendary 5* Reds; is Mitsuko worth it?

So, I am really lacking in great 5* green and red options. I pulled in Atlantis today, hoping for Tarlak. Instead, I got Mitsuko. My question is; is she worth ascending? Does anyone who has her maxed wanna weigh in?
I spent a lot of time leveling 4* and wanna max a few 5*(currently have 6 maxed 5*)
My current maxed 4* reds: Colen, Gormek, Wilbur.
Currently leveling: Guardian Falcon(3/43).
Other 4* Reds I’m gonna max: Boldtusk(1/33) and Scarlett(3/60).
Other 4* Reds I have: Kelile(3/60), Sumitomo(1/30), Sir Lancelot(1/15).

For 5* reds, I have Marjana maxed and Khagan at 3/70.

Ascension mats: 21 hidden blades, 15 mystic rings.

Question: Should I jump to a 5* or wait and hope for something better? I do have plenty of mystic rings… but is Boldtusk a better option than even my 5*s?



Mitsuko was my first red 5*. She has a near permanent spot in my red raid team as her buff counters red’s biggest weakness. She is also fun against blue bosses (like Alice, Arthur, even Kirins in Atlantis) as her buff can take a fair chunk out of their health while protecting the group.

She was my defense tank for a bit, but she doesn’t excel in that role. I also don’t use her on titans.

I don’t regret giving her the rings.


Thank you :slight_smile: I still might take Boldtusk up first for titans… I have a good amount of rings, I know I just need to pull the trigger on one. How does she do on Titans?


She is good on titans, but not stellar. Her tile damage is solid, but the nature of red is that there are a couple of 4* (Scarlett and Lancelot) with better tile damage. That said, she will outlive both of those heroes on higher level titans.

Her reflect isn’t useful (I’ve never tried her on a blue Titan), and her special doesn’t do much damage, but it can delay a titan’s special.


I am really trying to like her. Still looking at Tarlak’s special and 824 attack with longing :confused: It is nice that she is a sorcerer, since I don’t have any good sorcerers… Mana control is huge in this game, but she has the same problem as Li Xiu; 20% really isn’t game changing…


I have to disagree with this, and to say that 20% reduction is a good amount to handle with some heros…maybe not the best against titans, bit elsewhere that is a good time buyer, and much much better when paired with Proteus/Hel, that will incredibly delay the enemy. If well applied, those resurrectors will never fire, and another annoying wings


It really is the reflect that is powerful. Anchor did a video review of her, if that helps.


I guess I just never had trouble with her. I always found Li Xiu completely underwhelming. She hits so weakly. I haven’t faced a lot of Mitsukos, personally.

Pairing her with other mana controllers is something I hadn’t considered. I am in the process of maxing Hel right now(4/42), so Mitsuko could work really well with her. Think she is worth replacing Marjana on defense? Would she be the tank?

I’m going to watch it right now. Thanks!

hmm I don’t think I’m suited to answer that. Anyway, Marjana has good tank statistics. It would depend on how your defense team strategy is. Maybe someone else can give a better answer about which one is best for tank position.

Yup maybe in defense that 20% mana reduction is not as useful as it would be on offense, but is still one punishment for bad boards. I guess that’s what have made Guinevere one of the best tanks of the game.

BTW I want that combo you suggest (Hel + Mitsuko). I already have the celestial of darkness, but I really hope to pull Mitsuko as soon as I have enough gems for the pull. Those 2 should make for sure a very good mana control combo

My defense seems to be going mana control, big time. Ariel, Hel, Poseidon… now Mitsuko.
I don’t know, I think I’m just too picky. Play with what you have, not with what you want, right? I can always wait until August and have a shot at Miki. Titan damage is a priority for me. Hence why I want Tarlak so badly.


Mitsy is a monster on attack. She’s super durable and can absorb a special or two before dying, and since the most common place for a blue is in one of the corners rather than flank or tank Mitsy VERY RELIABLY goes off in time to make their blue kill themselves.


I wouldn’t ever bring her to a titan hit though. Low attack stat for a 5* and her special is not particularly relevant vs titans.

She seems to do fairly well as a flank at low to mid diamond since I added her, but I suspect that’s more a result of people not playing against her properly as my defense gets destroyed in high diamond.

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I was summoning solely to improve my titan team, but that isn’t the only aspect of the game. Also, I can still hope for Miki in August. I’m glad to hear that Mitsuko is good on offense. I still have the goal of reaching #1 globally.
I love that Mitsuko is a sorcerer. I haven’t used any of those emblems yet. There aren’t a lot of great sorcerer options.
I have 15 rings. I’ll probably finish Falcon, then Boldtusk. Then Mitsuko gets the rings.


Mitsuko probably won’t replace Marjana on my defense team, but I’ll definitely use her on offense.

Up Mitsuko, you wont regret it.

Do note that her stats are similar to Ares while having the hit-3 and mana cut.
As tank, she makes it a gamble for opponents who color stack to kill her.


Do you think I should start on her as soon as I finish Falcon? Or do Boldtusk first? I know how important 4*s are…

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I would recommend to up BT first since he is one of the core heroes on any roster. I have yet to know any veteran players that do not have a maxed BT. Also, put at least 1 emblem on him after you max him.

Mitsuko is great but not essential as compared to BT being an essential hero.


You should have seen my old roster. So many half leveled heroes :rofl: I didn’t even know there was a point in having more than one of each color leveled(other than war). So, I had a 4k team… and nothing else. Been taking me a long, long time to fix :confused: I’ve been playing since last August, FYI.
Is the one emblem to give BT a chance to revive when a titan kills him?


It does give him a chance to fix things be it against titans or in raids. Especially when his mana is maxed or almost maxed. He can heal and buff which makes the revive critical of having that chance or not. Tides can change in a single heal when pressed against the wall.

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