Which 5* red shall i focus first?


What a nice problem to have.

I’m not the expert, but I expect people will want to know your other heroes before advising you.

Zimkitha, easy peasy. Fast mana AOE, buffer and cleanser. Compared to slow hitters with less utility. Azlar hits really hard but I would max Zimkitha first.


@JonahTheBard My luck isn’t that good honestly. After spending close to 500 dollars since I played a few months ago, this is the only 5* I manage to pulled :weary:

@SWEG thank you for your inputs

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Sorry to hear that.

Do you have 4*?

If you had no strong tank then maybe Azlar would be a good option.

If you don’t need a tank then I’d agree with @SWEG.

Have you built a tc20? That’s the best way to 5*. I’ve been fortunate enough to get six 5* without spending a dime.


@JonahTheBard I have BT max as my tank now. Just got done getting my TC to 20. Now waiting for research to be done.

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