Which 5* hero do you want the most from Kalevala?

Click here for details on each 5* hero

Ilmarinen – 5* Fire/Red
Kullervo – 5* Yellow/Holy
Iku-Turso – 5* Nature/Green
Väinämöinen – 5* Nature/Green
Aino – 5* Ice/Blue
Louhi – 5* Dark/Purple


  • I haven’t bothered doing a poll for 3* and 4* because of the limited options currently.

Happy voting!

  • Ilmarinen (Red)
  • Kullervo (Yellow)
  • Iku-Turso (Green)
  • Väinämöinen (Green)
  • Aino (Blue)
  • Louhi (Purple)

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No love for green heroes haha, but it’s understandable given there’s just been so many 5* green hit-3 heroes (C. Francine, El Naddaha, Quenell, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, etc).

I think Aino is great but the only reason I didn’t vote for her was because there’s just too many 5* blue healers, if only there was a good 5* red healer that healed a large amount (~40%).

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I was looking for the None option, but didn’t find it, so didn’t vote

Apologies, I had a request to provide a ‘None’ option for Soul Exchange polls but never for these hero selections - I can assume if it’s none there will be no vote. Thanks for the feedback!

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Kellervo is a slam dunk for me. Not only do I think he’s the best hero there, I’m woefully weak in yellow firepower.


Agree on both of those points! Of course RNG is never in my favour, I’ve now pulled 6 across two accounts and no Kullervo (but instead 2 x Louhi, 2 x IImarinen, Aino, Vainamoinen) :sweat_smile: