Need Help with classic 5* Heroes. whom to ascend?

Hello everybody,

as introduction: I am a c2p player. I get the VIP pass from time to time, but overall I am not a big spender. I was lucky and pulled the HotM four times (Neith, Grimble, Vela und Clarissa) but I do not own any 5* from events/season 2/season 3 so i have to rely mostly on my training camps to fill my roster.

I was rather lucky with my TC20 recently, but the funny thing is, all of the trained 5s were purple or green. With the other colous the decision was kind of easy. I even ascended Azlar and Leonidas out of desperation, because I had plenty of darts and rings.
I still have enough AM to ascend:
1 red
1 yellow
1 purple
1 blue
2 green
(only colour specific mats are limiting me. tomes and blades are never a limit, got plenty of them)

Now to my heroes:
Lianna 4.80

Elkanen 3.70
Elkanen 1.1
2x Lianna 1.1
Kadilen 1.1
Horghall 1.1
I got the Costume for Lianna and Elkanen

Sartana 4.80
Clarissa 4.80

Grimble 3.70
2x Domitia 1.1
Sartana 1.1
Quintus 1.1
Obakan 1.1
So the Classic Hero 1.1 Squad is complete. Unfortunately i have no costume for any purple

Here are my thoughts:
The most reasonable decision seems to be 2nd Lianna. Got the Costume, by far the best classic green hero imo. I could even leave the Base Hero at 4.1 and bring only the Costume to 4.80 to save a lot of feeder heroes. Since it would be the 2nd Lianna I don’t need access to the talent grid and the costume special is not much worse than the base special.
My Alliance is currently running green war tank and certainly Lianna is not ideal there (at the moment I have Melendor-C in that spot). Best classic green 5s tank seems to be Horghall but I do not own his costume and I would rather give my druid emblems to Vela in flank position. Horghall is so easily countered by Boldtusk…
Elkanen could be a decent tank in my eyes concerning his defence stats. But sadly leaving the base hero at 4.1 and only bringing the costume to 4.80 is not an option, because for him as a tank I would need Talent access plus his costume special seems awful… Most people tend to hate Elkanen and laugh about him as tank. Is he really that bad?
Kadilen seems pretty decent but is there any place she would be superior to Lianna-C?

A lot of arguments for 2nd Lianna, but in general I prefer hero diversity.

Very similar dilemma but slightly different. I think neither Quintus nor Obakan are worth the tabards if you have other options. And luckily I do^^

2nd Sartana?
Or just wait since it is my last set of tabards?
I am pretty satisfied with my purple roster in general as Tiburtus, Ameonna, Proteus, Sabina and Rigard a doing a very good Job

I hope that anyone reads this wall or text and can help me with my decisions.
Thank you in advance

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Interesting conundrum. First, props on the good team; impressive, especially for C2P.

I think I have bad news for you, if I read your thoughts correctly; you have to level both the hero and the costume to get the full costume bonus. So, you would have to get Lianna to 4.1 in order for the full bonus to appear on the costume.

I have both Lianna and Elkanen leveled and emblemed. I prefer to raid with Lianna. If you have to have a green tank, Elkanen may be better than Melendor. Thus, I vote for Elkanen. You may have a better green tank on your roster, but you’d have to reveal all your heroes for us to know.

I really like Sartana, but given you already have one of her leveled, I’ll vote for Domitia. She offers some variety, plus she has debuff and elemental defense. She’ll aid your raiding. Considering your luck at drawing costumes, you’ll probably soon have her costume, too.


I agree with Lianna2…

For purple, I’d almost go sartana2. You’ve got some solid 4* heroes with proteus, rigard, tibs and sabina… but… they’re all average speed. Domitia would only add to that list. At least sartana gives you some speed.

Both are solid choices so you can’t really go wrong imo. And chances are, both will get maxed eventually.


Thank you very much for your reply.

Excuse me, but isn’t it exactly what I wrote? I am fully aware that I still need the same ascension materials, but I am saving about 600 TC11 feeders if I leave the base hero at 4.1

I have already done it with skittleskulls costume since it is a very cheap way XP-wise to get a hero with nearly 800 attack stat which is helpful against the commonly met blue war tank in my alliance power level

I have listed every green 5* I own. Furthermore I have every classic green 4* plus Gobbler and Gadeirus. The best green 4* tank seems to be Kashhrek obviously but I reckon it would be a big improvement compared to Melendor-C because of Melendor-Cs Def Bonus. I am rather looking for a big step forward on the tank position. My biggest hope currently is to pull someone like Heimdall or Yunan in summer.

I am thinking again about Elkanen’s costume… although a bit situational, opponent must have a healer and Elk must shoot before him.
I saw him at +14 (I guess def/health path) and stats were impressive, 934 def and 1514 health.
Possibly I would use him without costume, so you would have a 33% of the damage he deals converted to health… most likely less than of what he could get with the cure stealing but you would be sure of it.
Costume or not, he would make a better tank than Lianna.
But if you can, wait at least till Sand Empires and see if you can get Yunan

Which green 4s do you have? Because a heavily emblemed Buddy or Kashrekk (with or without costume) would also be a decent tank, if you prefer to raise the second Lianna.
I recently finished Kashrekk’s costume and I want to test it: with a lvl5 mana troop he would become fast and combined with a healer I think he could really beef up himself and the flanks.

Purples: Grimble is a poor or at best a very situational hero. Choice is between 2nd Sartana and Domitia: if you had the costume for the latter, I would tell you to go with her.
Other reasons would be variety and that you could emblem her (there aren’t many options for rogues), while with a second Sartana it would be more complicated.
But a second Sartana is never a bad option.

Up to you: if you want immediate results, go with Sartana. Otherwise Domitia and pray hard for her costume

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Re the costumes – I wasn’t sure what you meant. Sounds like you have that sorted out.

Re tanks. Kashhrek is a solid tank, but at some point he won’t hold up terribly well when you face stronger opponents. In the meantime, he’s a decent choice.

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