Which 4* to ascend next?

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I’m working on my first leveled 5* (Lady of the Lake) and will ascend C-Drake Fong shortly (have all the mats for final step). In addition to the mats for Drake Fong, I have gloves and a compass for one 4*…trying to decide who I should ascend? (Don’t have enough mats for another 5* right now and have 5 or 6 ascended 3* so fully ascending another 4* seems like the right next step)

Images of my currently ascended and waiting folks below the poll. Thanks for any advice!

  • Sun Shangxiang
  • Ferant
  • Anastasia
  • C-Gullinbursti
  • Ahhotep
  • Jott
  • C-Li Xiu
  • C-Sabina
  • C-Tiburtus
  • Junaid
  • Guardian Jackal
  • c-Caedmon
  • Cyprian
  • Triton
  • Grimm
  • C-Kashrek

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You’ve got a semi good red titan team when you max some of these other 4 stars. Grimm, Jott, and Triton have high tile damage. Add regular Kiril’s attack up to go along Wu Kong & you’ll be hitting 100K sooner rather than later on titans.

I have a lot of those and I use C Sabina the most

Costume Sabina is pretty great, I use her a lot, as well as Guardian Jackal. Of those I know, it’s between those two, and it depends whether you want help versus Purple titans, and when bringing yellow in general, or if you want to shut down the other side’s specials.

I don’t have Gulinbursti, but I know he’s useful as is. Unsure if his costume is that much better.

Good evening everyone, jfinthecity you must first evaluate which hero you need (attack, defense, healer) then based on your need you can give advice, they are heroes with different characteristics, it may be that with an advice of who hero to raise without knowing your need, it could be wrong advice

You appear to have a lot of healers, but not so many attackers. Also, not many cleansers or dispellers. Thus, my vote goes for cCaedmon: attacker, with either dispel or cleanse options.

good evening everyone, looking at your heroes I think the heatsinks are missing, so I agree with control_freq, the heatsinks are very useful in many situations, to have a variety of combinations between the heroes of your stable you have to raise some of them

Sun, Anastasia and Ferant are great.

If you want better Titan hits do Sun, otherwise Anastasia is amazing in defence