Another “Who to ascend” question

I have a couple of hero’s ready to ascend and want some advice. I like to raid but defense needs some buffing up as well. Who would you ascend out of the following…

Richard 2/60
Caedmon 3/60
Sonya 3/60
Kiril 3/60
Grimm 3/60
Boldtusk 3/60
Cyprian 3/60
Colen 3/60
Kelile 3/60
Scarlett 3/60
Li Xiu 3/60

You should focus on maxing your 4* heroes because maxed 4* are better than 5* heroes at 3-70. Richard should wait.

Blue: Grimm, then Kiril
Red: Boldtusk, then Scarlett/Colen
Green: Caedmon
Purple: Cyprian
Yellow: Li Xiu

Boldtusk and Grimm (and maybe Caedmon) are the best ones, but you should do rainbow leveling.


Caedmon, Boldtusk, Cyprian, Li Xiu, and Grimm are my picks for each of the five colors too.

For defense it depends what you already have. You can put them in the above order though if you are asking how to construct a defense team with the above heroes.

The advantage of maxing all the above heroes though is that they’re not just good at defense, but also good for offense – except Li Xiu, who’s okay at offense, but she’s your only yellow 4* that you listed so you may as well.


I will go for Boldtusk first and Cyprian next.


Has no one asked the “who do you already have” question yet??

Here’s my roster…

Anyone in particular I need to get upgraded asap??

Yes, and as stated above level up several level 4s before you level your 5s (unless you have all the mats). From my experience you can level two 4*'s in the same time as a single 5*. You will need 1 defensive team and 6 offensive teams for wars. Thus, I would always favor an offensive heros over defensive heros, and especially favor heros that go both ways.

I am assuming that you are a newer player and your are P2P, since you have several of the Atlantis and recent HOTM’s, and you probably don’t have all the AM’s to level your 5*'s.

Holy - (Stop Li Xiu) Level Wu Kong, then Chao, then Li Xiu.
Dark - (stop Cyprian) (Keep going on Rigard as he can be both offense and defense) Then Merlin, Amoenna, and Sabina.
Red - Finish BT, then focus on Wilbur (good on both offense and defense), then maybe Scarlett. Then, Mitsuko or Graz when you have the mats.
Blue - Grimm, then Kiril, then maybe Sonya. Then Miki when you have the Mats.
Green - Caedmon, the Melandor, then maybe Gaderius. Or Kingston if your have the mats.