Need help choosing which 4* to ascend

My current team is fully ascended, but not all fully levelled
Grimm at +4
Justice at 4/1
Kelile at +1
Melendor at +1
Tiburtus at 4/63

I have quite a few 4* that i’ve been training but I can’t decide which ones to use rare mats on. They’re all on 3/60 unless stated and i don’t have other 4s or 5s.
Blue: Sonya, Boril and Agwe
Red: Scarlett, Colen (3/30), Boldtusk (1/1) and another Kelile (3/25)
Yellow: Lixiu, Hutao and Wukong (3/40)
Purple: Ammeona, Cyprian and Sabrina (3/30)
Green: Little John and Caedmon

I have enough 3* mats to ascend at least one of every colour BUT i only have 5 compasses

Which 4s should i ascend to the final tier? Or should i save the rare mats and wait for 5s? I’m f2p and currently have 1 TC20

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Sonya, Scarlett, WuKong, Sabina and Caedmon would me choices.


Put me for Boril, BT, Wu, Sabina and Caedmon


I will also second that : Boril, Boldtursk, Wu, Sabina and Caedmon.

And @sharan welcome to the community!


Thanks @Oliz, @Chadmo, @ThePirateKing

Just wondering though, since melandor already dispels buffs, would it be necessary to prioritise caedmon and sabina since both of them dispel buffs too?

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Sooner or later you’re going to want multiple healers (for war, for events where one color reflects, etc.) Sabina is not a waste for that reason. Caedmon is a very good 4* sniper. Sonya is also a good sniper.

Boril and Cyprian have riposte, which is incredibly useful in events and finishing off bosses on the map, but is a little harder to use well in other contexts. (I actually like them, though.) Cyprian does more damage in his riposte, but is squishier.

Wu Kong is nearly imprescindible as a boost for your titan teams.

Boldtusk’s combination of healing and buffing is very good.

Scarlett has a very high attack stat, so is nice for titans, but very squishy for anything else.

The AoE heroes (Colen, Agwe, Li Xiu, Little John) all have their merits, but are probably not priority at this time.

Ammoena is nice, has a high attack, but is not the first one you want to raise.

As you have already paid the mats on Justice, I would concentrate on getting her up, because it’s really a waste to leave her at 4/1.

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If you don’t already have a maxed Wukong (or Ranvir/Tarlak/Miki) then I would absolutely recommend spending anything you need to spend to get him to max and then have him for every titan fight. That would be first choice, imo.

After that…
Boldtusk - Very versatile
Sonya - fast and tanky and dispelly
Boril - because one maxed riposte hero can be very useful in multiple situations, and now you have the makings of a decent blue raid team
Caedmon - fast

That will be your 5 compasses. When you get more - Scarlet, Sabina, Lixiu

Good luck with your decisions!


Do Boril, BT, Wu Kong, Sabina and LJ would be my rainbow choices.

Boril always usefull.
Wu kong
Little John(if need Mana control)
Caed and Sonya for snipe and debuff

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Are there any colors you can ascend more than one? I ask because a 4+1 or 3+2 stack of leveled 4* heroes can take you quite far up in raids if that’s a priority for you.

I can open diamond hero chest with my team of 4 blue + 1 green team that are all 4*

I would ascend one of each color, to allow you to double-stack (you can then do 2/2/1 for raids). this gives you more versatility. personally i prefer doing a 3/2 stack, but get to the point where you can do 2 of each color (from my experience, I played with only one Yellow - Li Xiu - for a long time, and always had trouble against Purple enemies…)

I would choose:

Red: Boldtusk (gives you an attack buffer and a second healer)

Yellow: Wu Kong (don’t have him, but great skill for Titans; and good tile damage too!)

Blue: Boril, his riposte could be very useful in mid-game. Sonya would be next, she’s a great fast hitter and dispeller, and you will probably use her for longer than you will use Boril (but you already have Melendor, and i will recommend Sabina, as dispellers)

Green: Little John, you don’t have any mana controllers at the moment (unless you choose Li Xiu over Wu Kong…). Caedmon is also great, but Melendor and Sabina can handle dispelling for now, and Kelile is your fast sniper. LJ will be very helpful against bosses.

Purple: Sabina. Boril covers your riposte needs (so no need Cyprian), while Ameonna can be tricky to use. Sabina is a Purple Melendor, and will be useful in cases where it doesn’t make sense to bring him (ie. against Red bosses)

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@Orichalcum-Aife I can ascend 2 reds and 2 purples, and just one of each of the other colours

Thanks for all the replies! Looks like i’m definitely going for BT and Wukong

Just a really quick update:
I got Obakan from my TC20 this morning. Since there’s a lot of support for Sabina and Boril, I am now wondering if anything changes? Considering that Obakan is purple and has riposte, should i save my trap tools for Obaken instead of using it on Sabina? Should i also focus on Boril since Obakan can also riposte?

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Keep in mind your classes as well. You will find not many places to put your emblems for Sorcerer in the 4* range. This is why Sabina is still a good choice. I tried to make sure I had at least one of every class to distribute my emblems as I was selecting heroes to level.

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Obakan is a poor man’s Cyprian/Boril. Riposte only on self, and has to hit to do that.

I’d definitely do WuKong for Titans, Boldtusk for healing/buff combo, Sabina as another healer/debuffer. Green & Blue are trickier. I love Boril, and if you have difficulty in events he’s very helpful. Green is the hardest, as I like both of your options, but it depends what you need. I think I’d pick that one based on what class you need more for quests.

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That’s a really good point on the emblems! I’d definitely prioritise Sabina then, especially since i lack healers

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I haven’t considered classes so thanks for bringing it up! I’ll look into the different classes of my heores when i have more time

Yes, i’m also having trouble deciding between the greens but i’m leaning toward LJ for the mana control since i’ll probably go for Sabrina with the debuff.

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Do u lvl color specific yellow for yellow, red for red and so on? Or do u lvl one hero with all feeders u get?

Lvl Order:

  1. Justice
  2. Tiburtus
  3. Wu
  4. BT
  5. Sabina
  6. Caedmon
  7. Boril/Sonya

Cyprian / Boril (choose 1)

Fast snipers and healers are amongst the most useful

I’d do
Sonya (blue fast sniper)
Boldtusk (red healer)
Caedmon (green fast sniper)
Wu Kong (necessary for titans)
Sabina (purple healer)

MANY people underrate mana speed. Fast attackers will help you so much on offense. They charge up noticeable faster than avg or slow. Fast heroes on offense often charge up before the enemy and then you can kill their heroes before they even go off.