Need space in my inventory: which 3* to keep?

Hi guys,
recently i realized i have too many 3* and i wanted some advice on which one to keep and ascend.
I use them for tournaments and events, mainly. This is the complete list, and i also indicate the ones i have already maxed:


3 hisan maxed
1 belith maxed
1 brienne maxed
1 muggy
2 mnesseus
2 by ulf
1 hisan


2 gato maxed
1 ulmer maxed
2 valen maxed
3 nordri
1 vodnik
1 gato


2 namahage maxed
2 squire rabbit maxed
1 azar maxed
1 hawkmoon maxed
1 nashgar maxed
1 ei dunn
2 bauchan
2 namahage
2 rudolph


3 balthazar maxed
1 tyrum maxed
1 gill ra
1 vlad
2 balthazar
1 guardian bat


2 bane maxed
1 melia maxed
1 arman maxed
2 arman
1 melia
1 pixie
1 bane

Thanks in advance!! :wink:

I’d feed away:

Green - 1x Mnesseus, 1x By-Ulf, 1x Hisan
Blue - 2x Nordri, 1x Gato
Red - 1x Bauchan, 2x Namahage
Purple - 2x Balthazar
Yellow - 1x Bane, 2x Arman, 1x Melia

Hiya, I would start by suggesting to use the :mag: search function of the forum as there are a large number of threads on “Which are the best 3* heroes” and “Duplicate 3* Heroes”

Yes most of them pre-date the S3 heroes but they are still pretty useful for the most part.

Personally I have kept 1 of every 3* hero and have duplicates of the following:

  • Brienne - costume & non-costume for events/ tournaments
  • Rudolph - main man in event teams (actually have 4x of him)
  • Berden - alternate team for events
  • Hissan - use in tandum with dual berden for a mono green event team
  • Gato - Alternate team for events with Vodnik, Valen & Gunnar Costume
  • Pixie - Mana control…
  • Bat - Plan to level both & use as another event team

Edit: for S3 heroes I have (and will) keep duplicates of the following. Rest are just single copies.

  • Ei-Dunn (fun to just wipe an enemy squad)
  • Bjorn (better than Balthazar imo)
  • Nodri (new event beast)

And thats it… every other hero I only have singles of

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