Where to use mystic rings next?

Which red would you ascend next?
Thanks ahead.

I’d do Tyr without hesitation.



Attacking cleanse and huge AoE - extremely valuable.

Tyr is also a great hero.


If it was me, I would do Kong.

I would have seriously considered him before he got a little bump in the hero rebalancing but now :heart_eyes:


I was leaning toward guardian kong myself since i have no leveled barbarian yet…
I always appreciate second opinions when i m gonna spend ascension material.
Thank you all

Although Tyr also is really good apparently.

I don’t have either levelled and ultimately it comes back to what you want/ need and your play style.

Want a big damage dealer who pairs with Wilbur and Falcon? KONG is you man

Want a single target killer who sticks around and doesn’t know how to die? Tyr is your guy


You’re always so helpful.
I m not a tyr lover honestly. He has value on offense but on defense he is kinda meh.
Thinking I’ll be going with kong and emblem him…i was waiting to see which hotm would be released on july and im even more convinced on kong now.
Perhaps u can suggest the emblem path for him?

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:crossed_swords: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Perhaps u can suggest the emblem path for him?

I’d focus sword route.

Then if both sides have the sword I’d pick up the extra HP nodes (cause DoT is so prevalent these days).

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Thanks :kissing_heart:. Have a good day sir

I overlooked the fact you had Kong. He seems fantastic after the update and emblems do play an important role in choosing who to ascend. I however, would still choose Tyr but with some hesitation now.

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Guardian Kong now all the way.

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