Where to use my gems next

I do love my Hansel and my Jackal. I do covet multiple Falcon.



It is the only one listed I would level double heroes, two Proteus to 4* 4.70 ( see notes ). In fact I off color, 1 day, power leveled only two heroes, my first leveled Proteus and my only leveled Wilbur.


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Duplicate heroes on the same team

Proteus, Hansel and Merlin

I leveled Ameonna before I got my next three Proteus ( they go with my five Wilburs ). Merlin is awesome versus titans, but there are lots of good purple 4* heroes versus titans.

Jackal versus Scarlett

Jackal versus Falcon

Old post, before I got 2x Joon 5* 1.1 and before someone pointed out Evelyn+ Buddy