Where to use my gems next

Mandatory context: F2P, main team power is 3750+, 4/5 star rainbow teams at least 3 deep, completing all events and rare quests.

I’m wondering where I should next use gems for summoning. I have 2 TC 20s running pretty much at all times, as I am to the point of really needing some more 5-star heroes to take the next step in the game. I have 6, but 4 of them are yellow, which isn’t ideal, obviously. I have completed Atlantis on normal and hard, so more Atlantis coins won’t be coming in bunches for the foreseeable future. I’ll probably be saving my EHTs from now until December to pull for the Christmas event; I just don’t see myself having much of a need for the Halloween crew. I’m figuring that I can pull 400-500 gems per month. I was thinking I’d try to save for a 10-pull somewhere, but I don’t know where yet.

Obviously, with TC 20s running, there is no reason to do epic or elemental summons. I’ll take my chances on getting those heroes from my training camps. Unfortunately, I am missing several Atlantis heroes I’d like to have - Wilbur and Proteus, and to a lesser extent, Gaderius and Triton. I have Ameonna and three Danzas. So doing a 10-pull, or maybe even a 30-pull, eventually, in Atlantis could be an option.

I also considered the monthly challenge events. Realistically, I’m not pulling for five-stars there. That’s a fool’s errand. (I didn’t even get a four-star event hero with my 9 EHTs in Sand Empire today.) So I wanted to consider which events have four-stars that can help my team, and if I get a five-star or HotM, great. The four-star pirates don’t impress me much, and I won’t have enough gems for that event (assuming it’s next month) anyway. Same for Wonderland (no real need for CoD or Cat) and Avalon (Lancelot and Merlin). So, that would leave me pulling for Hansel and Gretel in Grimforest or Falcon and Jackal in Guardians. I like all those heroes very much.

So, what would you do and why? Atlantis, Guardians, or Grimforest? Any further context you want before making a recommendation?


I think it has to be Guardians. As you point out, the correct way to analyze this is to try and look for four star heroes that will help you - that’s the elemental debuffers. They’re a force multiplier, especially for all of your five star holy heroes. :slight_smile: Honorable mention for Grimforest, since mana control is so powerful, but I think the debuffers will do more for you on titans, while being comparably powerful in raids / wars.


Good point. C’mon, Jackal!

I do at least have Onatel for this. She ain’t Proteus, but I’m pretty fond of her!

To quote @Gryphonknight (who I’m mentioning so I can also get his thoughts), “multiple use is the best use”. We don’t hit big Titans, but since I drew Ranvir last month, I guess I should at least try to make the most of him!

My other worry here is that Grimforest will come up before I have the gems for a 10-pull. Could be as soon as this month, if the new pirates aren’t ready, but would have been due next month, I think, anyway.

Thanks for the analysis, @IvyTheTerrible.


I do love my Hansel and my Jackal. I do covet multiple Falcon.



It is the only one listed I would level double heroes, two Proteus to 4* 4.70 ( see notes ). In fact I off color, 1 day, power leveled only two heroes, my first leveled Proteus and my only leveled Wilbur.


Click for notes

Duplicate heroes on the same team

Proteus, Hansel and Merlin

I leveled Ameonna before I got my next three Proteus ( they go with my five Wilburs ). Merlin is awesome versus titans, but there are lots of good purple 4* heroes versus titans.

Jackal versus Scarlett

Jackal versus Falcon

Old post, before I got 2x Joon 5* 1.1 and before someone pointed out Evelyn+ Buddy



@Noble_Weasel, as we have discussed previously (more so commiserated) on our lack of Proteus and Wilbur. Those two alone are game changers. Although I agree wholeheartedly with @IvyTheTerrible, I’d also suggest saving some gems for Atlantis, or collecting coins if you still can.
Luckily I pulled Jackal the last time Guardians came around, Still really want Panther however.

Maybe trust in RNGesus, offer up a few goats, and spread those gems around a bit? Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky again. You seem to be on a bit of a roll. Anyway, Good Luck!! I’m rooting for some good pulls for both of us (mostly me :wink:)


I’m thinking about letting the timing make the decision for me. Petri confirmed today that Grimforest is coming next week, so that takes it off the table. Not sure how the rotation will go after that, but if Guardians comes up before I have enough gems for a ten-pull, then I’ll try to get enough for an Atlantis ten-pull. Not waiting until Guardians comes up again if I miss it this time!

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It’s great that the 4* event/season heroes are the focus of discussion—the 5* are nice to stumble into, but as F2P you can’t make decisions based on the 5*.

Falcon and Jackal are the two best candidates for “epics to emblem”. They are the only -holy and -fire heroes in the game, and they both are horribly unbalanced (Jackal, a glass cannon; Falcon a toothless tank). My Jackal +19 is a hige asset, getting far more play than most of my 5*. Although I’ve given my Paladin emblems to Arthur, others in my alliance are using them on Falcon to create a super nature-killer.

Proteus and Wilbur are stand-out Atlantis heroes, but recognize that the odds of getting those are much less than getting Jackal or Falcon.


I have falcon 5 tier emblemed and thinking of throwing some in Jackal. Do you think fully emblemed they can hang in there for 12* titans and better? Just don’t want to waste the emblems and thought I’d ask.

I’m guessing they will eventually make a 5* jackal and falcon like they did Wu-Ranvir for these 13-14* stars. More pulling in Guardians would benefit SG

@Noble_Weasel, that’s good news!! I like when the events are back to back to back or overlap a bit. My wallet may not, but it can’t talk like my wife. So my pulls are limited by how much makeup, shoes and pocketbooks may be on sale at that time. Yes Dear, I’m playing that stupid game. Yes dear I did in fact transfer 50$ to Game Center for that stupid game…then I RUN!!!

What is the fascination with 10/30 pulls?
All my 4 & 5* s came from single pulls,
Jackal, Tarlak, Frida, Proteus, Ranvir, Gregorian, Margareth, and more than a dozen others, all from single pulls.
The last Atlantis i only did 8/9 pulls over the 3 days at each of my 2 acct, got 2 4 and 3 5 * in one , and dups 3 & 4*s in the other except for Gato, even the dups would have made some player happy(Balthazar, Sabina, Muggy, Melia, Gil ra, Chochin).
Maybe I’m luckier than average, but from the various threads on the forum, I’d rather keep doing singles.
I do spend some money, no more than $25. a month, on Atlantis mostly, Vip, and the odd offer, not spending more than $5. in one shot.
Lately i wasn’t granted heroes tokens only troops, but when first started i did get a dozen or so over a few weeks. Frida was one of my first pull using a token. What a waste, still in 2th ascention.
My point being, for me, it is more effective to do singles than spend all those jewels in one shot, even with discount.
Maybe spread it around one at the time, never know you could get a good one after 2, or 3 pulls.
Have fun.


@Wolf9, that’s mostly how I do my summons as well. I like to be able to stop if I get what I’m after, or sometimes a hero I didn’t even realize I WAS after :wink:


Exactly, or stop if you only getting underwhelming heroes.


30 to 90 summons

I agree


I agree

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last Atlatis I did a 30-pull. I was after Tarlak. After this 30pull I would not have made another try.
Tarlak showed up with the first of the 30 (I didn´t feel sorry at this time for making a 30-pull. :slight_smile: )
Aaaand…Athena showed up at pull 28.So I would have missed Athena.

What I trying to say is, Yes: you can stop when your wanted hero is showing up, but the chances are so small, that I think, a 10/30 pull is still more economic. At Atlantis the chances are better and the other featured heros are often interesting as well.

For the moment I think Atlantis is the most interesting option for spending gems. There are good 4* and 5* heroes.
I have tried once for Hansel and Gretel but didn’t get them. But now with the outlook of the upcoming new event heroes, I won’t try to summon them again. Only when the new heroes are released. This seems more economic to me.

Guardians or Grimforest. Maybe mix in an Atlantis 10 pull of you want 3 or 4 of the featured heroes.

I’ve never done a 10-pull before, and have gotten some great heroes on single pulls. Just seemed like a more efficient way to use the gems, since you get a discount that way, but I suppose that is balanced by the ability to stop when you get the hero you want.

And I suppose that is balanced by this scenario.

There are several heroes with surprisingly unique specials. Check the Special Skills page of the wiki. (If you think one or two are missing, please add them to the list!)

As you’ll note when perusing that list, most of the unique/rare specials revolve around either elemental defense down, or resurrection. This means that Alberich and Mother North are of interest, as are nearly all of the Guardians, along with various HotM. That said, both Wilbur and Proteus are of great interest due to Proteus’ unique ability, and Wilbur’s OP ability (spirit link, defense up, and defense down are all common, but not together!).

As such, your answer is: Guardians and Atlantis for gems, along with Christmas for EHT.

I think it has to do with your roster depth also.
I did 10 pulls 2 times because i was in need of a 4* in every color, so any heroes were more than welcome. And the little discount was also interesting.
As of now, with a good bench depth and a ton of heroes to level, single pulls will get my gems.
Anyway, i can’t resist the urge to pull whenever a new event appear :joy: so it is hard to get enough gems without spending money.

As for @Noble_Weasel original question, i think you should aim for Guardians, as both Jackal and Falcon have 2 unique skills that will help any team.
If you land, Panther, well… no big deal right ? :rofl:
And Atlantis comes in each month, so you can gather coins during AR or make 1 pull per month in Atlantis and keep the rest of your gems for Guardians.