5* Ascension help

I made use of my 3-60 Gobbler on Offense for a long time, when I lacked other options.

He’ll get maxed one day…but I’m on my 4th Melendor, so I guess he didn’t make it high on the list…


I have to say that really helps put things in perspective. Thank you.

  1. QoH
  2. Ranvir
  3. Seshat (since you seem to be spending quite a bit to summon)
  4. Lianna (good choice for tonics)
  5. Ariel (until you either get her or you give up on summoning her)

Focus more on your 4* heroes. I am not sure you have sufficient mats to level so many 5*.

Thank you for the input AirHawk.

Pulled seshat just now.

I’ll hold off on Ariel and focus on the 4*s

I appreciate your help.

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I have the mats for all the 5 except missing 3 scopes for a blue. I have been stingy ascending 5* so far.

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Haha trying to pull her specifically is foolish.

Ursena can increase your titan’s damage by reflecting back their specials and she also is a good tank/flank.

Ranvir would increase your titan’s damage and he isn’t that bad in a defense but you really need a healer for War’s defense.
If you are sure you’ll draw Ariel you could go for Poseidon as he would help in a defense, otherwise ascend Vivica.
Inari could even be an ok choice as she could become very strong with QoH.

Azlar have a nice attack score but Queen of Hearts would increase your titan’s team survivability with her taunt and she could be tricky to deal with when you need to dispel a important buff like Ursena’s reflect.

example of your possibile team:
Kiril - Inari - Ursena - Queen of Hearts - Lianna


Thanks for your reply.

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For titans Azlar.
For def QoH.

For titans Inari, her atk stat is crazy and you have Wu-kong.
For def Poseidon.

Ursena is very strong in def team and she have high attack, I will choose her over new HoTM.

If you will hunting Ariel wait for her.

Lianna is always good decision.


@Eaglecrest I like your attack team… I would have pushed Azlar and Poseidon. They are both my nemesis when I raid.

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4* Heroes are the backbone of Empires

I think you would be better off with

2x to 3x rainbow 4* 3.60 teams ( most powerful heroes with non farmable ascension items )
= 10 to 15

2x to 4x rainbow 4* 4.70 teams
= 10 to 20
Total 30 to 35

1x to 2x rainbow 5* 3.70 teams
= 5 to 10
Total 35 to 40

Gryphonknight's team notes

Wu Kong Grinder gang ( farming, Atlantis coins, rare quests )

Wu Kong 3.60
Rigard 3.25
Melendor 3.07
Boldtusk 4.67
Kiril 4*+1

Atlantis Aces ( Tricky but powerful )

Proteus 4.70, 1.1
Wilbur 4.70
Melia 0.0

Wu Kong Cascade squad ( see Grinder gang for rest of team. See notes )

Grimm 4.70
Scarlett 2.01

Class quest crew ( use emblems to get emblems )

Sabina 2.32 ( 4* sorcerer healer - see notes )
Tiburtus 1.8 ( 4* ranger with Ramming pulverizer - see notes )


Caedmon 4.27 ( dispeller need buffed enemies )
Chao 3.37 ( mana reduction is weak compared to Proteus, Hansel and Merlin )
Danzaburo 1.14 ( surprisingly effective )
Kashhrek 4.35 ( incredibly tough for a 4* )
Gormek 1.23 ( Ramming Pulverizer, unlike Wilbur does damage )

Tiniest niche

Merlin 3.06 ( King of titan mana control, not as fast as Hansel, not as many targets as Proteus )

Ameonna 1.24 ( King of color stacking and anti-reflect damage. Or is that Queen ).

Li Xiu 3.01 ( yellow 4* center for defense, but Danzaburo can substitute and Danzaburo can be useful on attack ).


And color stacking.

For 3* Heroes I level multiple Belith and Hawkmoon because only 3* Healers and color stack red or green. Multiple Bane because 3* yellow are weak. Though Melia helps. Hisan and Rudolph are nice to have 2x 3* 3.50 .

For 2x 4* 4.70- yes ( that useful )

For 2x 4* 4.70- maybe ( depending on your play style and roster )

For 1x 4* 4.70 plus 1x 4* 3.60
Grimm ( Class quest )
Wu Kong ( high attack stat for a 4* yellow, skip if Jackal )


Click for notes


Wu Kong Grinder gang or madmarv auto play

( Wu Kong grinder gang or Powerful rainbow auto play team or Wu Kong plus 4 healers )

3* to 4* ascension items

Hero XP ( Advanced House Level 9 will change this )

Wu Kong


@Kerridoc, er, Wilbur


Gryphonknight's notes on Eaglecrest's roster

Ameonna 1.24
Boldtusk 4.67
Caedmon 4.27
Chao 3.37
Danzaburo 1.14
Gormek 1.23
Grimm 4.70
Kashhrek 4.35
Kiril 4*+1
Li Xiu 3.01
Melendor 3.07
Merlin 3.06
Proteus 4.70, 1.1
Rigard 3.25
Sabina 2.32
Scarlett 2.01
Tiburtus 1.8
Wilbur 4.70
Wu Kong 3.60



Thank you for your detailed response.


Man how long you been playing? I thought I had alot of dups but you have alot that are maxed. My only dup I worked on was Grimm; 1 maxed +10 & the other is 3:1. As for Agwe mine is 3:34 for trials; my Proteus maxed +11 & the other 1:1. I started working on Merlin but I got Seshat I want to get her to at least 3:70 to team up with my 3:70 Evelyn. @Eaglecrest something that was said to me; How do you fair in all the trials? That is why I level the heros I do, to complete trials with no hangups

I started on July 4 a year ago.

And yes, I have a fair number of duplicate heroes maxed, in both 4* and 3*.

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Thank you everyone for previous input. I am trying build a viable defense team. I have a second concern of having enough raid heros. I am doing well on titans and wars at this point so it’s time to build a strong D team. Any advice and positioning help would be appreciated?

I like your first team.

2nd team is ok if you replace Inari with Justice.

@AirHawk , thank you for your time. I listed the heros not in any particular order but was considering first one listed based on research. I am open to changes until it’s right. Essentially the best Defense for raids and war of the heros listed.

@Eaglecrest, your first team is a great team and I think should do great as a team on offense and defense. You have snipers, a healer and a good tank. Only suggestion is to bring Vivica more to the centre in defense. I know one likes protecting the healer but you also like her not to trigger too late.

Thanks for sharing your teams - from Cosmic Guardians.

I see a lot of 4 stars heroes you should work particulary someone like rigard and some to finish like caedmon, kashrek, triton, sabina and some others. To have depth is this game is more important than to have just a very great team then norhing

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Thank you for your advise.

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