Where to spend loot ticket in Season 2

I piled up more than 90 loot tickets and left with 15 world energy flask after the last Knights of Avalon event.
Where should I spend them during the next Atlantis event?

Usually I spend them on S2/1/9 for Backpack and S2/15/9 for recruits.

Is there any good other place?

it depends on that what you want to maximize: loot /WE or loot/ticket

S2 1.9 and S2 15.9 are good if you want loot/WE

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1.9? I got 5-6 backpacks at 1.10, usually. And no less than 3.

Season2 27-8 if you want Gadeirus avatar :upside_down_face:

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Search for the farming guide on here by Barry it’s awesome

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I generally do 15-9 for recruits while I have loot tickets then autoplay the providence 1 stages for backpacks be haven’t really been happy with the results. This time I’m going to try 6-8 for instead. It gives better number of recruits and should have a decent amount of backpacks for 3 we. Right now it gives about 14 recruits and 1-3 backpacks, with the loot increase it should have 20+ recruits and 2-5 backpacks based on what I’ve heard.

I am checking this one:

Priority will be on Adventurer kits and Recruits…

What would be really great is to max Atlantis Coin outcome from Seadragons during the event…
I don`t find much info about it apart of the post from the Atlantis Rises event thread.

Are those completely random or more frequent on the higher levels?
If there is no such thing yet I would gladly participate with my loot tickets and flask to collect data…

Like @Wraith stated above. This should help you with whatever you need. It’s my farming bible, so to speak.


Thanks @PapaHeavy I’m not quite savvy enough yet on how to use the forum to post it. I have it saved and open all the time.

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Fairly random and hard to find and when I did find one and replayed the level it didn’t appear for me again :worried:

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Haha working on that. Need about 100


I’ll be loot ticketing 18-10H and 24-10H for beaucoup dragonbones and nuggets.

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Wherever you spend them, spend them quick! only 3 days lmao.

30 more for me and a good level for Atlantis rising, 6we normal for a lot of stuff.

I really just try to use AR as a way to complete S2, or t least do more levels.
I am currently on S2 - 10:5 (completed 10:4).

I am also saving Loot tickets, and currently have 50 (I would have more but I keep using them when I feel lazy to autofarm).

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