Most efficient use of loot tickets during Atlantis Rises

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So, I currently have an abundance of World Energy (73 flasks at 43 WE) and also quite a few loot tickets. I was wondering if there is already data on the best loot per ticket (note: not per WE!) AR levels. I figure it should be some Hard mode level(s) towards the end of Season2, but I couldn’t find any specific advice in the guides I looked into (another shoutout at @BarryWuzHere for his amazing work).

My spreadsheet calculates things per world energy, which is what you get for using your flasks.

You’re asking about best use of your loot tickets which are worth one run, no matter the WE cost.

Today could be your lucky day – I saw this while I was messing with the spreadsheet, and what you asked for was pretty easy to calculate. You can look at the results per run in this sheet here, go to the “AR Data per Run (Loot Ticket)” tab in this sheet and you’ll see what you get per loot ticket.

Since I don’t know what you want to farm for, I don’t know what you would find “best”, so you’ll have to dig around a bit to find what levels you like.

I’m also skeptical that setting an effective zero value on WE but a high value on loot tickets is a good idea, but different players with different budgets at different points in the game want different things…


I’m levelling soon and will be at 50 WE. Probably will use them on a 10 stage so I can use 5 at a time.

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Awesome, thank you so much. That was exactly what I was looking for.

I totally agree that normally this should not be the way to go. It’s only meant to even out the imbalance between WE and loot tickets in my inventory a little. I somehow feel like I’m missing out on loot using tickets on 6 WE levels when I have so much more WE than tickets at hand …

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I was using 2-1:9 for backpacks…is this wrong? Is there a better province i should be burning tickets in? :wink:

Any of the stages that have higher drop rates of nuggets/bones. I usually do 18-10H and 24:10H

Stick to regular farming for backpacks. Spend loot tickets for the 4* craft items.

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@Rook my analysis says that backpacks are constant across season 2, province 1, all hard levels having one amount and normal levels having another amount. (Along with all other crafting and ascension mats which are constant in a province unless WE changes mid-province)

During Atlantis Rises, normal levels are best, otherwise, hard levels are best.

I pick the levels with the most recruits since packs are equal, and that leads me to:

  • Atlantis Rises – 2:1-2N or 2:1-3N
  • Rest of the month – 2:1-7H or 2:1-8H

@KLinMayhem, if you want dragon bones/nuggets more than meteors, your choices in upper provinces are correct.

However, if you just want more total 4* crafting mats, your those are best in the lower provinces during Atlantis Rises; with a tie of .107 4* mats/WE all across provinces 1~9 normal. Provinces 18 hard and 24 hard only get a total of .071 4* mats/WE

During AR, the lower provinces also give more heroes, troops, player XP, total ascension mats, more total crafting mats, and a higher proportion of 1* to 2* crafting mats. (I don’t know about you, but I find that I run out/low on some 1* crafting mats and pretty much no 2* crafting mats)

2:1-2N / 2:1-3N – It isn’t just for backpacks!

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Perhaps, but loot tickets are finite. WE refills aren’t. I’ll always go for the higher provinces when I’m using loot tickets.

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This all the time.

Have 40 WE right now @lvl48, buy refills with gems and use 4 looties. Each time 10 to 15 backies, about 10 coins, up to 5 of each 4* crafties and about 5 feeders and 2 troops.


@Olmor knows what’s up.

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This spreadsheet is sooooo helpful! Thank you Barry

Just a thought experiment considering that seahorses possibly spawn per monster “roll” making 2:1-9N more palatable:

2:1-9N does have a lot more mob enemies, which could lead to a higher probability of spawning the Atlantis seahorses. The recruits difference between 2:1-9N and 2:1-2/3N isn’t all that large. ( half a recruit per WE)

If the seahorses pop up at a 2% rate for any given monster, you’d have a 24.6% chance on 2:1-9N and 17.5% chance on 2:1-2N. So a 7% difference between the two levels per run, which is .023 per WE. Essentially, it’d work out to 43 WE for 1 average coin drop difference (could be 2,3,5, or 10), which would be a difference of 21.5 recruits lost on 2:1-9N.

This is just a guess assuming 2% appearance rate. Maybe it is more rare, like 0.5%? Then you’d need 143 WE to see a difference of 1 “coin drop”, which would cost 71 recruits.

Is 3 Atlantis coins or so worth 22 recruits? How about 71? So a summon would cost 33.333*71 recruits ~ 2400 recruits? I’m not really sure it’s worth it, now that I’m doing the math, tbh. I can get a Renfeld for 100 recruits in TC20 XD.

I might just stick with 2:1-2/3N. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t care to speculate on how many atlantis coins you get without looking into actual data, but here’s the comparison I’d make for 2:1-9N vs. 2:1-2N

  • 47% more monsters, and thus 47% more atlantis coins.
  • 7% more player XP
  • 11% less recruits, but still enough recruits.
  • 4 waves instead of 3 waves, so if you are autoplaying, it will take longer, so better to do with your loot tickets.

Maybe @zephyr1 can find the link to what the devs wrote about seadragon spawn rates; I seem to have lost it … but here are the conclusions I drew from what I remember:

  1. Seadragon spawn percentage applies to each monster so more (non-boss) monsters are better, especially within the same province, just as you said.
  2. Seadragon spawn percentage does vary across the map (stated by devs), doesn’t change within the province (my guess, 'cuz devs are lazy and coding it up otherwise would be a pain), and is higher in provinces that cost more WE, and is higher in hard mode than normal mode.
  3. From looking at net coins from a full flask worth of loot tickets on a few runs people reported to me last month, the seadragon spawn percentage goes up faster than the monsters/WE goes down in higher provinces, making them have net more atlantis coins.
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Here you go: How rare exactly is the Atlantis Rises seadragon?


Hm, I already gained enough for 2 summons. I think, they increased the odds for getting coins this time. Last time I only found about 40 and even used more refills.

Sorry for re-digging this up, but my loot tickets are out of control compared to WE now… why 24-10H?

I looked at @BarryWuzHere’s sheet (specifically the one per run, not WE), and 24-10 tied with many others at 3.44 backpacks/run, but many beat it at 3.73 and some at 5.37.

I don’t love any of the 5.37 ones, but I’m looking at 26-10H- 3.73 backpacks/run, one of the highest in recruits (beats the 5.37 backpack levels by a landslide in everything else, especially recruits). Beats 24-10 too in literally everything EXCEPT dragon bone and midnight root, INCLUDING meteor fragment and nuggets.

It absolutely doesn’t matter to me, what xp per we, xxx item per we or recruits per we.

I only try to burn the maximum of we per loot ticket to get a maximum of xp per ticket trying to use all of my actual amount of we.

If you don’t track lots of data, there are no noticeable differences of loot outcome.

Chests are always full on AR, so no need to kill lots of enemies per ticket, too.

If you’re going strictly for XP and nothing else, here you go (spoiler- it’s 27-10H):

I do understand what you’re saying about the sample size not being large enough for anything else… but at least for me, between 26-10’s recruit average of 42.33 and 24-10’s recruit average of 22.67, it’s very noticeable.

Of course, with the 3.73 vs 3.44 backpacks or the much closer difference in 3* craft mats, it’s much more debatable. (But, 26-10 burns an extra energy for you, too :wink: ).

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Sample size isn’t as bad as it looks. Everything in my sheet EXCEPT XP, monster counts, and recruits is aggregated by at least the entire province, not just the stage in question, and the number of samples per province is high enough to be reasonable. Further, when it comes to items, we’ve figured out how they are randomly generated, and the samples found are mostly used to confirm that the data looks statistically reasonable compared to my calcs.


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