Best way to use a Loot Ticket?

i got a 134 ticket this month june, been playing almost 2mo… any experience how to use it correctly? still got 88tix on this ongoing evet now @Atlantis

I use em to dump W/E flags I don’t feel like using so I use loot tickets on S2 hard mode stages that way it’s 1 loot ticket for like 11 flags usually and I get a ton of crafting ingredients. I like S2 P12 stage 10 hard because it drops lots of midnight roots. S2 P1 stage10 hard is really good if you want backpacks.

I use them when I wake up in the middle of the night or morning before I had my coffee.

Also at work and of course during rising.

Used 200 already since yesterday.

When you have plenty world energies but a single win will take you to the next level, you can use the loot ticket to farm multiple times at once with all your energies, thereby not wasting any energies.

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I collect all the loot tickets I have and then used them during ATLANTIS RISES in the stages that auto-run couldn’t finish.

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