Where to put my Druid Emblems

Im a bit stuck with this one. I dont have Boss Wolf on defence and hardly use him any more.
Just fully leveled Gazelle, but she wont go one defence unless i change my team as Ursena is tank, and has totally improved my titan hits. Kadilen might replace Elk as my war tank?
Vela, yes, no, maybe??

Defence at this stage

Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks

Emblem Gazelle, she’s a rockstar. Dump Vivica from your defense and get gazelle in there also. A slow healer in the corner doesn’t provide much benefit IMO, even in a healing war.


I love Guardian Gazelle, but she’s not a great pick for a defensive team. For one, you can easily exploit her weakness of damage/full mana loss when you kill her for everyone dancing.

On top of that, if you use her there, you might as well find another hero other than Tyr, because she will wipe out his buffs every time she goes off. And Tyr is extremely useful, but if he can’t heal and revive, he’s pretty much nothing more than a 4 star sniper(like a red Triton, without even his buff to healing).

If it were me, I’d consider stacking the emblemed Ursena and your emblemed Boss Wolf. It’s going to entice yellow stacks obviously, but with Ursena, that’s kind of the point. Before Telluria came along, I used to pair a Kunchen tank with an Ursena flank to pretty decent success. Using Boss Wolf as tank and Ursena as flank kind of gives you the same synergy. You invite the yellow stack, but if the attacker does not get enough yellow tiles soon enough, Ursena hammers them and puts up the yellow reflect, too.

I never had any issues staying in Diamond with them paired or having good success defensively in wars. I can’t see Boss Wolf being much different, especially if you have even somewhat decently leveled mana troops on Boss Wolf.


I actually like Vela for your lineup. A slow glass cannon like c Isarnia is a liability on D and Vela would be much more reliable for you.

I don’t love Kaliden as a war tank, although you could do worse. I actually see Elk perform rather better, but I also see you have the cleric emblems conflict with Viv.

Boss Wolf now suffers from being 100% shut down by Malosi, so I can’t recommend him.

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