Fitting Ursena on Telluria defense

Hi. I recently got Ursena and I’m trying to fit her on my war defense.

I want to replace Clarissa with Ursena, but I don’t think, she would perform particularly well on a wing. I can swap her and J-F, but then he doesn’t feel like a great wing either and his protection from defense down would lose a lot of value. My only other maxed red 5* is Marjana and perhaps she could do better in this spot.

I’m in the process of giving Ursena her emblems and I also have plenty of unassigned rogue emblems if I decide to go with Marjana.

I’m thinking of something along these lines:

My other maxed 5* (that seem like sub-optimal options for this defense):
Rana, Malosi, Sartana, Magni, Kingston

I would appreciate some thoughts on what defense would perform best with those heroes.

Clarissa at wing is unimpressive too, believe me. Ursena flank and marj emblemed with all the available swords on the grid at wing would be my choice

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Make sure ursena is on the left flank in case she fires at the same turn with vela


You’re right about Ursena on the left. Thanks for the advice.

I’d probably do this assuming @tmkh has the rogue emblems for Marj.
Joon - Ursena - Tell - Vela - Marj



Thanks for the advice. I do have quite a lot of rogue emblems lying around, so I guess it’s time to put them to work.

I like it. Better than what’s shown above so Ursena hits before Vela.

It’ll be very unlikely for your opponent to survive a 1-2 hit from Ursena followed by Vela. If it’s reversed however, it’s likely that they’ll have more room to adjust and survive since Ursena’s weaker % would kick in.

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