Help! What to do About My Druid Emblems

Below is my hero roster of Druids. I just pulled Master Lepus (who is fresh baked so out of the screen shot). Is there anyone I should de-emblem, or should I hold off on upping the emblems on anyone else and then add them to ML or should I continue leveling up Zim (who is my only five star cleanser)? I also would like to get Kvsir up to level 19 or 20 at some point too (for 3 star tournaments).

Here are my top five star heroes for additional reference.

Thank you in advance for your input!

At a glance, I would say that Master Lepus is going to become your go-to Blue hero on defence. He’s my go to anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

So yes, I personally would look at doing some re-embleming

I would personally probably move the ones from Zimkitha to him and also the ones that are currently on Gullinbursti and Caedmon.

At a guess I would say your defence team is comprised of:

  • Freya (probably tank?)
  • Joon
  • Misandra
  • Marjana
  • ???

Not knowing your war set-up makes it hard to make a complete recommendation but at a glance I would personally probably do it.

My defense is currently Zim, Freya, Guine, Sheshat, Frida.

For war also?


My alliance rotates tank colors, so it depends on the month. So this April we will have blue tanks with red flanks.

Hmm; makes it harder to plan then.

Your current defence is very druid heavy already.

I would level Lepus up for now and see how he plays into your teams in attack. Then emblem Zim or ML; whichever gives you more versatility and use :slight_smile:

Very true, thus this post. :rofl:

I usually alway raid with Zim (for her cleanse), Misandra, Sheshat and Joon. Rotate for a 2-1-1-1 attack against the tank. So Frida, Uraeus, Freya, and Reuben/Marjana. Blue tanks I take out Joon and go with Lianna and Almur.

Do you have any suggestions on alternative offensive/defensive line ups based on what you see here?

Shameless bump. Any other thoughts on who to give future emblems to? As an off shoot from the previous discussion, as I am already Druid heavy on defense, should I (and if “yes”, how should I) change up my defensive line up?

So the moment of truth has arrived finally. ML is 4.80, who should I focus my Druid emblems on, Zim or Master Lupus? Thanks you all!

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