Where to do next (and maybe final) 10 pull for C2p?

Well, the title is the question but here’s the context.

5 star maxed heroes:
Green: Eve, Kingston, Kadilen
Blue: Ariel, Richard, Isarnia
Red: G. Kong, Marjana
Purple: Jabberwock, Sartana, Grimble
Yellow: Delilah, Leo

Currently I don’t have any other 5s I really want to work on(Azlar, Elena, Khagan, Thorne, Quintus, Zulag, Justice, Obakan and other dupes are available)

I don’t really care about 4 star depth anymore (37 maxed) also. So I am putting aside the potential of good consolation prizes and my only focus of these pulls is what I’m getting if I got lucky. I’m currently sitting on 3000 gems and 2 months more of VIP to add more.
I’m done spending on this game, so will not be buying any VIP or deals anymore. So I’m looking for suggestions on where to spend it all and I can be patient so if the final suggestion is to wait for Season 4 release etc. so be it.


I’d say costume, more probability to get something new


For all of 2020 I had the best luck in costume chamber.

Do you have the 4* Guardians? That would be the only other suggestion I’d give. A 4* / 5* Guardian is always an improvement.


Leaning on costumes. Some of them, even dupes, are worth it. And we will always be getting S1 heroes no matter what, i.e. TC20, HA10, free or gem summoning at any portal.


I probably spent most pulls in Guardians over the years and haven’t got any of the 4’s yet. I think I am kind of done with that event lol.

@Oksure : Reading your words & your own possible solution… it is clear that you should wait for season4 to pull.

Till then, Azlar, Elena, Quintus, Justice are worth using your mats / resources on till 3/70 or even level them up for Rush Wars, Tournaments… where they r fun as powerful hit all heroes…


@Oksure : Guardians is a very miser / poor pull event… some old , p2P players don’t have guardians… I was lucky to pull gazelle in my 2nd month of play as a c2p… later I collected more heroes as a p2p and am enjoying level them up… & play.

I feel, f2p & c2p should use the high % season 3 & to come season 4 tp pull and big time seasonal events with free EHTs…
Surprisingly, I don’t see any seasonal heroes in your maxed roster above…
maybe they r being levelled…
They can be a good pull strategy… which I am sure as an old player you already know…
though NOT seeing any surprised me…

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Yeah, I’m quite unlucky in seasonal pulls, only getting 3 and 4 stars despite doing quite a bit of them.
Actually other than Zulag, I am trying to max all non-S1 5 stars I get. So nothing else is in the works at the moment.

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@Oksure : Don’t lose heart / play fun… as every player has pain of pull, however much they spend… Some high paying players don’t have many good heroes…

keep pulling clever & strategically with seasonal event - EHTs… try to spread your pulls across the event days instead of continuous pulls…about which you already have an experience…

HOTM & good heroes are available…

happy playing :grinning:


Try pull for February HOTM. Looks very good and you missing serious yellow hero.


In my honest opinion, I would focus on the next Costume Chamber with all the new costumes being available
Good luck


Yeah I went through that myself. Guardians is the only portal I actually saved up for and did lots of pulls on. It gave me nothing for a year and a half (well, five bats) then last go I pulled both Jackal AND Falcon on a single 10-pull. I am done with it myself at this point, highly unlikely I’d ever get Panther or Gazelle.

I saved up my EHT’s for Christmas but I now have all the 3* and 4* from there.

S4 is always an option if you don’t mind the wait, although I kind of doubt the heroes will show up as they currently are in beta.

PS I have had my best luck with HOTM’s lately in the Costume Chamber.


I’d pull in costume chamber as well, but as @Ambassador_SVK said, I’d wait until February. The HOTM seems to be more interesting.

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Pulling in February Costume Chamber seems like a decent idea considering the yellow HoTM. Seems like the best alternative to S4 so far.

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For what it’s worth, you have several heroes I don’t have that I would love to have my hands on: Kingston, G.Kong, Jabberwock, Delilah and Isarnia (not really the latter though but if I get her costume, I may ascend her; she and Elena are the only ones I am missing from S1) and I have enough ascension materials to fully ascend and max them.

Delilah. I wanted her so bad since 2018 due to her decent healing and her minion summoning. I still have my Vivica stuck at 3/70 in the hopes of pulling Delilah, but if I get Viv’s costume, I will be ascending mine since she would be my only yellow hero that deals defense down to the enemies and the costume bonus improves her stat and mana generation.

Jabberwock. Fine hero to have. I envy you.

Kingston. One of the few HOTMs I was trying to get when he was released as HOTM. But he eluded me. That happens to me most of the time, getting mediocre HOTMs but when the prized ones came, they elude me even if I tried hard summoning using my hoarded EHTs, coins, etc. Case in point: Malosi, Ranvir, etc. Because of that and seeing that Kingston will only likely be pulled from a very high paywall of Tavern of Legends portal, I was forced to ascend my second Lianna, who enjoys her maxed costume bonus.

G.Kong. The only Teltoc hero that I don’t have from this event. Especially more desirable now due to his recent upgrade. He would fit in my main monored team mostly running on average mana if I swap him to replace my unemblemed Azlar. So far, only G.Owl is untouched. Consider me done also with Teltoc.

As mentioned by posters above, you need to be strategic when pulling. Hoard as many EHTs, coins, and keys (which can be freely obtained from various sources) and use them only on portals where the featured hero/es is/are the prized one/s.

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Yeah I’m actually quite satisfied with the one’s I actually maxed. The one’s you listed plus Eve and Ariel are also my favorites. All listed heroes are also heavily emblemed (+6 to +19 range) so my defense sits comfortably around 2550-2600 cups, I can finish all event without any issue and never actually bothered to go for top scores anyway, so no complaints there. Well, my mono yellow teams still sucks, so that’s the one obvious point of need I guess.

Coustome chamber I agree too, take it you can still get coins from AR and valla so still have options in there for a chance.
S4 hero’s have been tested in beta, (first round) there is no map for season 4 in beta no idea when that is coming around could be a while. also s4 hero’s will be brought out slowly like S3 was.

My vote also goes to costume chamber… Some cool 5* might come, or some new 4* costumes at least. I will probably spend my gems there, and maybe in Valhala in months to come. There’s a pool of good heros in that portal, so if I get lucky, that luck might be well spent. If not, oh well.

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