Where to do my next 10 pull?

Going to do as many pulls in December as possible. My biggest need right now is a tank. I’m currently playing Elk +14. Knights has a lot of nice tanks and costumes has some cool stuff coming. Krampus looks amazing but not a high chance of drawing. Roster, mats and emblems bellow. Thanks for any advice.

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Is your alliance tanking green on wars? Your emblemed elkanen or Kadilen can perform quite good. Personally i like Kadilen more but there are people that prefer Elk.

You should focus on costume chamber next month. As far i can see you are still missing some key costumes like melendor, rigard, Boldtusk, tiburtus… so there you will find the most rewarding pulls.

On christmas stick to epic hero tokens to do the pulls.

Good luck!


Thanks again @Lexxtarc! I was leaning towards costumes.

I play in an alliance of 1. Enjoyed being in alliance but then life got to be to busy and I actually quit the game for 10 months. Just got back into it a couple of months ago and decided to go solo. That way if I’m to busy to hit a titan or use my war flags then I don’t feel like I’m letting down the team.


Its better to be with people to grow your roster and get the mats. There are some laid back but good alliances out there that are permissive with titan hits and shouldnt have problem if you opt out from some wars.

On topic

Yes , costume chamber is the best place to do summons. Ninja has the lowest odd from next month events. Christmas is nice but you can still do pulls with EHT.

Between Valhalla and costume next month you will have lots of new costumes added so i think that although the chances of pulling an specific costume is lower you still will be pulling good ones


How often would you say you are able to do a 10x summon?

If you’re a “F2P” or “C2P” I would say to do the 10x on the next Costume Chamber, particularly as the majority of your levelled heroes seem to be Season 1 heroes.

The new costume chamber will feature all the remaining (missing) costumes. It also looks like you’ve only got a couple costumes currently and are missing some of the best ones (Costume Rigard, Costume Joon, Costume Caedmon etc…) So pretty much any that you get will be great :slight_smile: Even if you don’t like the new costume version, it will give a stat boost to your existing normal version of the heroes.


Probably about once every 3 months. Usually wait for a hotm that I want. Worked once. Thanks @Guvnor!

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So I pulled Magni’s costume in the costume chamber. I’m thinking;

Joon Magni-C Elk Anzogh/Marj Sartana

I’m also going to level my second Magni so I can run both in costume and out of costume in raids.

Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.


You should pull for Valhalla for Nordri/Almur unless you’re hiding a pocket Frida/Evelyn in your screenshots. Those two will go a long way in helping you with titans, events, and map stages.

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20 Thanks @Atmosfear!!!

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