F2P player, need suggestions for summons

Hi everyone,

This is my first post and I have been playing the game for a long time as F2P. I have hoarded enough gems for a 10 pull. Where should I spend it?

My roster:
Dark - Domitia
Holy - Justice, Leo
Ice - Magni, Aegir
Nature - Lianna, Hatter
Fire - Azlar, Zim

Dark - Domitia, Grimble, Quintus, Obakan
Holy - Neith, Vivica, Joon
Ice - None :frowning:
Nature - Elk, 2 more Lianna at 1.1 (1 costume)
Fire - Elena, Zim

4* and 3* - Have at least 1 copy of all season 1 and season 2 heroes (Except Triton).

Should I go for Atlantis? 4 * heroes are not very useful for me at this time, but would love any 5 * hero.
Season 3 - 4* or 5* would also be beneficial but personally except a very few heroes, I dont find them appealing.
Wait till June for Guardians? - Would love any 4* or 5*.

I have done 2*10 pulls so far. Got Hatter from one and no other guardian heroes. I have 3 TC 20 running currently. I understand the summon rate, but would love to hear from you.

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I’d wait for Guardians - Jackal and Falcon are incredible heroes who can significantly improve your titan hits.

The other option would be Valhalla - there is a 4* green elemental debuffer coming soon and you can get other heroes you don’t have.


I recommend Guardians also. They make titans a lot more fun.

second choice would be Season 2 because of Ursena and Tarlak


Summarized version: I’d wait until I see the next batch of monthly heroes before I decide.

Longer version:
I wait wait even more until an awesome monthly like Telluria (or Telluria-ish) shows up. I’ve found I’m not a good judge of new 5*, so I wait until I see from Anchor’s system or the forums which the good ones are.

If you’re looking at 5* heroes, about 33% of your 5* chance is drawing vanilla, 33% chance of summoning an event hero, and 33% chance of drawing the monthly. I’d make sure the monthly’s good, because that’s the individual you’re most likely to get.

Then I’d stack the monthly chances with the monthly event or Atlantis if the featured heroes are really shiny. Anchor’s grading sheet, which I’m a big fan of, helps me get ideas for which heroes I should try for:

Or you could just do a blue elemental summon. I did that myself recently. Not a bad move if you’re happy with vanilla options.

But all that being said, I’m sure you understand the odds of actually drawing a 5* are still very low. My advice is geared towards focusing only on 5* heroes, and picking out good event 4* may serve you better.

I was thinking the same. Guardians would allow me a chance of pulling Ice HOTM (Looks like a massive healer but also slow) which would still be a nice addition to my roster. However, I might lose the chance of pulling Clarissa (who is still great even after minor nerf). Green debuffer would be an amazing addition.

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@PeachyKeen I would love to have any of the guardian heroes. However I lose my shot of pulling Gravy/Alby or even Clarissa.

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Welcome. Farm for atlantis coins and use any free coins you get from there during atlantis.
But save for guardians if you pull any they worth it :+1:

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I am vc2p myseld and i have been saving since feb for guardians. I’ve dropped my few earned atlantis coins hoping for tarlak but the odds for him are frankly terrible, even when featured. Guardians odds are WAY better and the element debuff will boost your effective damage vs titans so much more. They also help a lot during challenge events. From your team too leo and joon will benefit enormously from jackal, and azlar likewise from falcon

Clarissa is nice (even after recent dmg nerf) but if i had a choice between pulling for her or for guardians it’s a no brainer for guardians. A 10 pull just for a hotm is far from guaranteed, and if you’re only after altantis 5 stars you’ll probably be disappointed. Save for guardians, or at least for grimforest

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I’d definitely spend the gems on a 10 pull on Guardians. I’ve bought VIP a couple times, and share the gems a couple times, but other than that, no spending. I have to say that having Guardian Jackal/Falcon puts me in the top 5 titan hitters in my alliance often, and that with spenders who average a HOTM every other month, and have a plethora of heroes waiting for materials, while I now have exaclty 3 heroes I need to gather materials for to do final ascension.

I would NOT do Valhalla, as there are plenty of coins to be had.

You have way more of the Atlantis heroes than I do, since you have basically all the 4*, so that also seems sub-optimal. You can farm for some coins, and pull here and there as you go.

I would also think about where you want to use your Challenge coins & Epic Hero Tokens, as they are also another flexible resources.

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I totally agree with you about expecting a 5* hero and the disappointment. I did a guardian 10 pull earlier. All I wanted was a Jackal, Falcon. Panther would have been amazing. All I got was a couple of Bats, lots of Renfeld, Tyrum and Frair :expressionless:

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IMO, priority… because 5* is harder to get, we simply focus on 4* heroes.

  1. Atlantis (Proteus & WIlbur)
  2. Guardian (Jackal & Falcon)
  3. Valhalla (Almur & Mist)
  4. Grimforest (Hansel & Gretel)

That’s it.


Ordinarily would have said Atlantis, but you mention you already have all the 4s from Atlantis. The Atlantis 5s and old HotMs are pretty cool? But so are the guardian heroes, so that’s a tough call.

I’m personally going to use mine on Atlantis, because I’m not expecting anything better than 4s, and I could still use some Atlantis 4s. 5s are elusive in every portal.

Wishing you the best of luck in whichever portal you decide to spend them on. :+1:


As much as I want to pull Atlantis for 5 star heroes, I am going to hold for Guardians. Also, I had enough coins for one Atlantis pull today and guess who I pulled?

That’s right, my 5th Namahage.

Good luck to anyone summoning.


LOL I had enough gems to buy two summons, I got Gato and Namahage. :laughing:

I’m not mad, though. At least they were Atlantis heroes. I’ll take that over Gunnar and Nashgar any day. Not sure I would have done any better anywhere else anyway.

Best of luck to you with Guardians! :+1:

I usually try to complete the challenges. This time I burned some of my WE flasks. Got into the top 5,000 in Epic. Really looking forward to those summon tokens. Also, did 3 pulls with challenge coins and pulled Hensel! I am so stoked. Hope everyone had great luck!

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I am really tempted to do a 10 pull on Season 3 heroes. Especially 4* green element. I will gladly take any 5* heroes. Plus I will give get a shot at Clarissa. Should I do that or bite m tongue and wait for Guardians?

Wait for guardians!
A lot better

Did a 10-pull and got Jackal. No other 5* heroes. All season 1 heroes other than Jackal. At least I got something :man_shrugging:


Congrats on Jackal! I finally got him this past time around too! He’s a great 4* I am glad to have gotten.

5’s will come. I don’t know where you’re at in the game, but given the slogfest F2P is the best use of resources are maxed and talented 4’s for quite a long time. That can easily get you to low diamond for the best loot boxes. Highly talented 4’s are darn close to untalented 5’a and with the right mix of abilities can take the 5’s down.

Good luck and congrats again!

Thanks Muchacho. I agree that Jackal is one of the best. I also have 450+ rogue emblems. No doubt he will have at least 15 nodes in the talent grid. I am at the stage where I have all Season 1 and 2 3* and 4* heroes. Looking to up my 5* game, except I dont have any workable 5*. I have 2/3 5* heroes on each colour and mats to level at least 1 in each colour. Time to start hoarding gems for a 10 pull.

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