Advice for who next

Hi again, need some advice for choose who is the next.
I’m f2p and I’m on work leveling some rainbow 3* teams, at same time grow up some 4*. I’m finishing 3rd stripe of telly, costumed Elena and get Clarissa. No mats for finish but near to finish telly on next step, but must wait.
I think I need some more powerful sniper and maybe get it on my first TC20 next month.

Here my roster of my 4*


I want more attack, so I don’t know if Wilbur is right here, maybe Scarlett, or Sumle…must wait for TC20 and next pulls on events…, I’m stacking backpacks and swords, for next hero and for now 3 TC11 working all day.
Thanks for advance

Scarlett has high attack stat, and is useful for titans. Wilbur is great for titans and when used with AoE hitters like Sumle. Sumle is similar to Colen but without the burn. Finish Tibs for the def down as well. I’d probably go Scarlett if you need a hitter.


Red: Wilbur 1st for Titan, then next followed by Scarlett.
Purple: Finish Renfeld (beta costume seems great like mini Onatel), Tibs and his costume.


I second this advice.

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Thanks people…Wilbur is winner… waiting for TC20 and events for stronger sniper or more powerful hitter…and then choose over mats will have then.

H, I just learning use Wilbur for two days but I think he’s very useful, but complicated to learn how he works, when, after and before who…but steel working on.
I have also Gunnar Costumed (little Wilbur) and I didn’t like cause I didn’t understand how he works, but I think I’ll use even more from now.
So, thanks again cause my titans game gain next step.

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