Recruits in province

Am searching for writeup on which season or province can get the most recruit. Or the higher energy per province, the more quantity will get ? Right now I get 13 ~ 15 recruit at Season 2 Province 6 stage 8. Am repeating this stage to get more recruits.

Stagione 2 modalità difficile provincia 6 stadio 6 ottieni 22 reclute

My heros not at that level to play hard mode for season 2.

Take a look here.

Thanks, I saw that few hours ago. But didn’t read too much into it. Too much to digest. Lol

If we say Season 2 or 3, we should also include Normal or Hard.
I assume Normal stage, because it is more cheap WE (world energy).

OK, let see in the table:

So , that means 6xWE cost, 6x 2.333 = 13.998 (which is correct with your result around 13 ~ 15 recruit per 1x run).

If we want to compare the best recruit so far is S1:8-7 or S1:6-8. (based on WE)

S1:8-7 3xWE/run, so 3x3 = 9 recruits per run, if we compare to S2:6-8N, that means S1:8-7 is 9x2 = 18 (6 WE). and S2:6-8N = 13 ~ 15.

S2:6-8N is even not in the 2nd place (81% see the screenshot).

That’s it, but if we want to compare /run, that another result.


Whoa, thank you for the details. It really take awhile for me to digest.