When was the last time u publicly thanked someone with sincerity in this forum? It's not too late! Show some 💘 now

Ok… This is totally out of character as to who I am but I must do this…

Thank you to the mods for keeping the peace without appreciation.

Thank u @Pike @SamMe @Sarah2 @NotVixx @PlayForFun @Cheds. @JGE @Rook and others for making me laugh when i needed an escape. :beer: :coffee: :popcorn: :cocktail:
Thank you to my game family in The Shops for keeping me here and being at my side for 4 years. :heart:

Ty. @Diablo.Gato for all the recruiting and loyalty to the fam.


Excellent post. A bit of positivity goes a long way.

I’m generally a lurker but I do want to thank the mods for being rockers, @Sarah2 for being generally awesome, @Suicide_Bunny for being on every thread I’m interested in, @Homaclese for his staunch defence of niche heroes, @Kalis for being Kalis (and Jiker), @PlayForFun for being so active and engaging and @Macaque1902 for being a lovely alliance leader.

There are definitely others but you guys spring to mind first. Thanks everyone else for being part of this varied and interesting community.


Tx. We can’t take anything or anyone for granted. We all get wrapped up in other things we forget to acknowledge those who mean something. I even thank @Petri and SG for making a community of gamers get together. Agree or disagree if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t be in this forum.

Speaking of haterz … Ty too cuz of all of u I grew stronger and learned to wait and see how karma favors the patient :laughing:


Excellent post, and an excellent idea. So my first thank you goes to you. Cheers.
Of course I am limited to the players I can put in this post so in advance - A huge thank you to everyone in the moderator team. You do a Stirling job.
There are so many players that I would like to give a big thank you to. For making me laugh, for all the shared information and guidance, for keeping things fun, for keeping things going in this community / forum.
Players including:
@Sarah2 @RandaPanduh @jinbatsu @yelnats_24 @akionna @sft1965 @sleepyhead @Ian487 @Math4lyfe @dansing


Thanks for this topic @Mistress_of_Shadows
I remember many moments, information that have been FuN & informative as a player.

Thanks to all for bearing up with me :grinning:

While I have learned, liked = benefited from many many posts / comments on this forum, some of the regulars that I can immediately remember to convey my direct thanks are : ALL Moderators, @JGE @Homaclese @The_Seeker @yelnats_24 @jinbatsu @sleepyhead @SamMe & many more whose names I can’t remember immediately !

Of course, via @Petri : I would also convey my thanks to the whole SG Team (past & present) for creating this cool game
regularly introducing newness into it. As a player / professional, I understand the challenges to keep a million+ people happy ! :grinning:

Cheers to the FuN never enDing !


To answer your question, it was about eight hours ago, and it was to @JekylandHyde, in his 760k Epic Villans Walk-Through thread, for offering a wide variety of videos to the community. :wink:

Thank you @Mistress_of_Shadows for creating this positive thread. The game is a game. That written, a huge part of the fun is the people including yourself that make it worth returning to the forum continuously. I enjoy reading your posts, including your replies to me.

I’m really glad to know that my words can make you laugh. It’s nice to be noticed and appreciated. :smile:

In no particular order, many thanks also to:

@Pompitous for making me literally laugh out loud. It’s currently an ongoing, and serious situation, both globally and in my home country. So it’s great to laugh, especially now.

@Zartanis and the entire Calendar Team for providing quality work every month, that is also updated throughout the month. Such a valuable resource.

@PlayForFun for really stepping up, and voluntarily taking on an important and ongoing task, particularly creating and updating The Beta Beat threads.

@Sarah2 for her positivity and energy, particularly for standing (writing :sweat_smile:) up for what’s right. Plus I think she manages to do this in a calm, considered manner. Latest example in above mentioned thread.

@sft1965 for being himself, and trying to make the forum a better place.

@Pandita for being herself, and kindly offering a safe alliance whenever I needed one.

@Cheds for offering his different perspective; I know we can disagree but remain respectful towards each other.

Last but not least @Ranvir for helping me to keep playing on, despite all the multiple, ongoing game issues.

And so many others including our wonderful past and present volunteer moderators, RandaPandah, sleepyhead + the F2P Rebellion; I cannot list everyone.


Ahhhh…it’s nice to feel love. You’ve all mostly tagged on the same people I would have.

We all know I have my own unique perspective on things but as said, never any reason to be uncivil with it :smiley:

Glad to help with my little sprinklings of “joy” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


What a great way to start my day! And many, many thanks to you @Mistress_of_Shadows. Your dedication to our family makes it easy to be loyal and try to go above and beyond the normal expectations.

Someone stop me before I get all mushy and stuff.



I get that some people feel strongly about the game. I am one of those people.

The way I see it: it’s okay to get upset with SG/Zynga as a business, in a general way. It’s not okay to get upset/unnecessarily rude at any forum user*, simply because they disagree with you.

*This includes Petri and any other SG staff, since they work for/represent SG. Ofc they are people too.


I love what this thread represents. I’m not going to mention individuals—since there are waaaaay too many to list!—but I recently have run into a number of “old” players either here on the Forum or on other venues, and I’m always struck by how NICE, or how COMPETENT, or how RELEVANT these players are. We are a cohesive community made up of these unique and talented individuals, making a whole. It’s the whole that draws me. :heart_decoration:


Yes, even the haters can unintentionally raise you up! I was asked to leave an alliance once. :rofl:

It just helped push me to my awesome alliance leader @LuluA85, and restarted my unintentional journey back to a top 100 alliance. :smile:


I wonder if The Guv could receive enough thanks. In all my time here he has always been the biggest cog in the clock to find out what time it is here in E&P land. Thanks @Guvnor
You’re the man


I would like to thank the Mods…the people that work hard creating the calenders every month for events…those that create info and lists for those events and challenges.
I thank all those that tirelessly post to recruit for their teams even when the know the struggle and patience it takes finding players that match their personalities and goals…I Thank those you create the endless creativity of ad posters…knowing the time it takes and the endless search it contains to find one that speaks about your said Alliance


I suspected there was an even bigger :heart: under all that :popcorn: & :beer: you’ve shared throughout the forum :wink:. Mucho gracias.

Alas even with the ten tag limit :woozy_face:, I’ll leave someone awesome out as I can already think of more than ten forum users who make / have made the forum a funner place. The Forumversary :cake: and birthday :birthday: threads, my past and present alliance mates, the expertise and advice freely given and my numerous counting, word play and AtoZ buddies who fill the community content threads - you know who you are, tons of blessings and thanks for the sunshine.

A little kindness goes a long way, and we can all use a lot more of that these days. Grateful that there are more forum users that sprinkle happiness and positivity than those who… don’t :sweat:. I’ll just continue to shower likes just 27.8k so far :wink:.

In closing, thanks SG - there may be a lot of things that could be improved with the game save venting for the other threads Sarah , establishing and maintaining the forum in the first place with the high calibre of moderators past, and present - Huge Thanks. :trophy:


shhhh I try not to let it out much. Wouldn’t wanna ruin my rep of being a cold, heartless. Selfish, evil , and cruel *** . ( as my haterz say ) :laughing:

:beers: cheers


What a great positive thread. Like @Sarah2 i worry I will leave many great people out. Let’s put it this way - if you get likes from me, I appreciate you

Thanks @Mistress_of_Shadows for starting this, and thanks for the shout out @JGE @SamMe


What a wonderful thread!

I joined the forum years ago, when I had no clue what to do with my first 5-star. I nervously posted my question and received so much help! The community here is generous and kind. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! :smile:

Thank you @JonahTheBard for your fantastic poems and songs and other wizardry. But especially the When Suddenly thread.

Thank you @Sarah2, @PlayForFun and friends … for hanging out in the Word Association thread. Sometimes that’s all my brain can handle!

When I can manage the alphabet, I drop into the AtoZ Game … but still @littleKAF catches me when I mix up my letters!

I also love the Meme thread. It’s hilarious and TGW had some of the sharpest commentaries. Miss you and hugs to @eagle1.

Thank you to the FTP Rebellion @Muchacho, @Noble_Weasel, and so many others. We support each other through all the many Dawas and Renfelds we summon.

Thank you @nevarmaor and @sft1965 for your When Suddenly posts. I love them all!

Thank you @sleepyhead for … everything! You created so many fun threads. You pick up the When Suddenly thread, no matter what happens. You are a friend to everyone. You’re the best!


You were my inspiration for having a go in that thread. I walk in the shadows of giants. :grinning:


Wow! Fun!? What can I say … If I had a face you could see I’m blushing… :blush: So thanks to @Mistress_of_Shadows for mentioning me, thanks for the beer and popcorn (to be honest the beer is empty but the cupboard is full of popcorn), thank you for wonderful dark moments and thank you for this thread (is there a pink fairy with a magic wand and glitter dust inside? :wink:).
Thanks to @sleepyhead for wonderful times and threads (and to all participants especially @nevarmaor). :capital_abcd: :notes:
Thanks to @PlayForFun for letting me make my peace with 6. :peace_symbol:
Thanks to @Sarah2 for taking care of us all. :hugs:
Thanks to @akionna for the most likes in both directions. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thanks to the whole mod zoo and modsicians, including the former ones, even if their contribution is sometimes only zero. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks to the staff for a great game.
Thanks to everyone who was not specifically mentioned here (greetings to the German community).
Thanks and curses to Google Translate.
And thanks to my alliance (even if none of the xxxx is active here in the forum).


First thanks @Mistress_of_Shadows for creating this nice topic :slight_smile:
It was a wonderful idea.

Thanks to @zephyr1, @Guvnor and @DaveCozy who have created so many topics about beta, tournaments, events, new heroes, and other helpful Player Guides.
Thanks to @Sarah2 and @Math4lyfe for trying to forge the forum community together with so many community topics. (Birthday / forumversary celebration topics, etc…)
Thx for the youtubers who are creating helpful videos.

And thx to everyone who is active and trying to help other members.