Music Meets Members 🎵

Who knows me also knows that I like music.

Sometimes when I listen to a song I think “That would fit X.” It’s not always the lyrics, but sometimes just the title or the band name.

So I’ll start a little series of songs for forum members. You like the title? It prevailed against ‘What Wicked Weirdos Want’ and ‘Find Ur Certain Kick’. :smirk:
And I’ll link some wonderful threads that give me so much fun and inspiration. :hugs:

Now to some legal information. Any liability for good taste is excluded. The order does not represent a ranking of my most popular members.
Don’t be disappointed if you’re not affected, that’s entirely due to my lack of imagination.
Oh, the premise is that I like the music (mostly maybe :thinking:). And the only rule is: don’t take it too serious! :crazy_face:

So give me a like and/or a comment if you like it. If not, go swimming with piranhas. You sold your soul by signing in to this forum. So stand it. :smiling_imp:

Enough talking, let’s start.

Edit: I’ve thought about it. Why shouldn’t everyone here be able to dedicate a song to a member? So if you have a suitable song for a dear member, go for it. Thanks and sorry @Luna, I was being a little selfish.

But if you want to thank someone, do it here:
When was the last time u publicly thanked someone with sincerity in this forum? It’s not to late! Show some :cupid: now

Have a break - have a Kit Kat! Music and :beer: corner
E&P Song Lyrics (and Songs) by Sleepyhead & Friends
Song title & Artist name game


The first is for someone who has involuntarily left us. Whenever I hear this song (and I listen to it a lot) I think of @TGW and how he must have felt by the end. RIP


@Pike this is an excellent thread (and thanks for linking to other threads!)

three cheers for sharing your creativity and good taste and thoughtfulness with forum friends!


Thank you! But be careful with premature praise until you’ve seen how this develops. :smirk:


Been really digging all the punk posts. It’s a genre-family that I have long liked but never explored except for the most shallow of levels – the Pogues, the Clash, Black Flag [never a “fan” of the Ramones, but familiarr] and prrobably a handful of others that aren’t popping into my head at the moment.

So… educate me?


I like to pass on what I know. But not in this thread. :shushing_face:


It’s his :cake:day. This is for @Guvnor


Will be following you



I’m loving this thread!

I’ve got many ideas but will keep quiet and see what you come up with

And I’ll be the one following the white rabbit :turtle:



In this thread I post the videos. :smiling_imp: But I’ll be generous with that. :smirk:

So I take the opportunity to present a video for @Luna. Your turtles tell you what you mean to them. :slightly_smiling_face:


This goes out to all the pirates. @anc1ent1 @Steve9999 @Harlikwen Have I forgotten someone? I don’t know who else is part of the crew. Tag’em yourself.


Aaaarrrrr! Thank-you @Pike :pirate_flag: :pirate_flag: :pirate_flag: :pirate_flag: :pirate_flag:
Also aboard we have @Yomagn-tho, @ProfLoki, @LordStanley94, @Freddeey,@SupremeAlienRaptor, @Beckwak, @C.Occam, and the occasional visit from the pantless @voidstrike.
An of course we all miss @zephyr1

:pirate_flag: :pirate_flag: :pirate_flag: :pirate_flag: :pirate_flag: :pirate_flag: :pirate_flag:


Thank you for your support.


I immediately think of something for @voidstrike. Just to show what you might be missing. :smirk:


@nevarmaor I remember your post about your stronghold and your hair style in @sleepyhead’s song lyrics thread. :smirk:


LOL “Can you play Wonderwall?”

Fortunately my band days predated that song … although I did play it around the campfire later on.


Game ain’t easy when your heroes charge slow
Game ain’t easy when your heroes charge slow

I got mana troops
I got Quintus dupes
I’m gonna raid and raid all night long
I might even win one

I got emblem paths
Once I even bought a VIP pass
I’m gonna fight the wars with nothing to show
'Cause game ain’t easy when your heroes charge slow


I just realized with horror that I missed your cake day @sft1965! I’m so sorry. Maybe a little song will make it up to you. How are you?


This is for @BlueHair. I think I speak for the whole KitKatFamily and many other forum members here.


Strange things happen. I did some research and you won’t believe it @BlueHair, in Germany the red panda is also called a cat bear. So you are a blue cat. And maybe, deep in your heart, you’re also the wildest cat in town.


@Pike, wow 2 songs! I love them both (and they’re both new to me, which is even better!)

First, Friend - the best part of friend to me is that you really can’t do it solo. It, by definition, requires 2 people. This is sticking with me today.

Second, Wildest Cat in Town - LOL. If I’m at all in contention for wildest cat in town here, you, sir, do not know the party town that is Minneapolis. :rofl:. High School Andy secretly identified with “Wild Thing” by The Troggs though, so maybe there’s something there? :slight_smile:

Pike has made it clear that he posts the videos here, so all those curious about Wild Thing (and not aware of it) and those that just want to hear a great song again will just have to go to YouTube or Spotify or what have you and search yourselves. I don’t make the rules - sorry!