Advice on who to level next

I just finished fully leveling up Scarlett and getting Kiril leveled too, so now I’m trying to figure out who I should work on next in each category.

For my Reds:
Fully leveled are Boldtusk, Scarlett, Namahage, Azar, Jahanagir.

Red Options to level up next (all are level 1):
Marjana, Sumitomo, Wilbur x3, Gormek, Colen, Namahage x2, and Squire Rabbit.

For my blues:
Fully leveled are Grimm, Kiril, Captain of Diamonds, and Valen.

Blue options to level up (again all lvl 1s):
Triton, Sonya, Kiril, Grimm x2, Gato x3, Ulmer, Graymane x2, and Karil.

****For the multiple blue 3 star heroes I was thinking of using them as food but then again i know they can also be very useful for some special event quests.

Any advice on who I should work on next would be great! I’ve been wrestling between Marjana and Wilbur in the red category and Sonya (for her sniping heavy hitting special plus debuff) or Triton in the blue group.

Thank you all in advance for any help and advice you guys can provide.


Red: Wilbur great for titan, raid, event, map quest, season 2 final stage, overall I think.
And Squire Wabbit is good for tournament, event, has nice att stats and hit hard.
Blue: Sonya, Triton, 2nd Grimm, 2nd Kiril, Ulmer and 2nd Gato for event and tournament.
Dispeller should be priority IMO, do you already have Melendor/Caedmon/Sabina?

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Red def Wilbur, the best *4 from Atlantis, his sinergy with Boldtusk is wondeful, with Boldtusk Attack boost, Wilbur def down and Scarlett high attack u will have a great base for green titans…

Blue u can go with Sonya, since u do not have a debuffer, but also Triton could be a good idea, his healing boost could pair great with ur maxed Boldtusk and Kiril…if u have Sabina, Melendor or Caedmon go with Triton, if not u can also take both to 3.60.and work for a while with them and then make a decision… Sonya has more balanced stats but Triton hits pretty hard…


Wilbur, Wilbur, Wilbur…JK, but you need at least one fully lvld Wilbur. He’ll be faster than Marjana to lvl, but she would be next imo…
For blue, I concur with Sonya as well. She’s basically a blue Caedmon. Need a strong fast mana debuffer.

For some reason, I am not able to post a new post. So please forgive me, I would also like to have some advice on which one to ascend first with very limited mats, level one means it will take me at least another 2 months to level the other, so any suggestions are very much appreciated!

Which one get the mat first and second?
Red hero (maxed Gormek, Boldtusk)

They only let me post one picture each post.

Blue (maxed Sonya, Grimm)

Purple (maxed Tiburtus, Rigard)

Congrats with Boltusk and Gormek maxed. Both are greate and synergy.

So next project red I think IMO: Wilbur, it is like Gormek, but the upgrade version, it defdown all opponents (not only 3 opponents), have survability shared damage and also defense all allies, the stat WIlbur has more attack and defense over Gormek.
Wilbur is for overall, specially Titan, even you already have Gormek maxed IMO.

Blue: Kiril ASAP
Purple: Proteus ASAP
Green: Hansel ASAP, then ascend Caedmon, Lianna can wait, do not ascend Lianna except if you already have final material resources.
*4 4.70 is much stronger then *5 3.70 (both with the same material resources)
Yellow: Gretel

PS: you can edit or you post in one times thats better, not one by one.

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Green ( maxed melendor)

What if I already have Wu, and red I am lacking someone that can hit? Will Wilbur still a good option to ascend before other hitter?

Green hero ( maxed melendor)

Yellow (maxed Wu)

Thank you all for the advice. Wilbur first then marjana it is and Sonya then Triton for the blue.


Red= WILBUR-Marjana
Blue= Sonya-Triton


Boril for tank and Kiril for caster

Hansel- caedmon… Kash for tank

Gretel or Chao…

I’m confused it looks like you have 25 heroes giving you five team’s. I don’t know what advice you were given but when I started one thing that every one (that includes just about every player at the time), told me this is not like any other game you need to decide if you’re in it for the long haul. Now, once you’ve completely digested that you slow your pace way down and you start too strategize, moving once team at a time. Look at your top players and notice the value of their team’s. You can’t get there over night. Working five teams at one time is either going to drive you mad or broke. NO SPENDING money unless it is a deal or something you really need.

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