Defence team change, help

Hi, I’ve been playing for 2,5 years now. My defence team is Marjana+13, Ariel+18, Telluria+16, Black Knight+17, C.Joon+14.

its been doing okay, I always stay 2500+ but I want some change.

the defence team in my mind is Marjana, Lianna, BK, Clarissa, C.Joon.

what do you think? Should I replace Telluria and strip emblems for Clarissa? is BK a good tank after Tel?

In my honest opinion, yes Black Knight is as good a tank as Telluria.
But I went the opposite way with regards to emblems. I took them off Clarissa to give to Telluria.
My plan is to get Telluria to +18 and then start putting emblems on Clarissa to build her up and put her in flank position in my defence team.
Whatever you do good luck


CJoon, Telluria, BK, Ariel, Lianna would be my def team if being on your shoes

CJoon, Clarissa (emblemed)BK, Ariel, Lianna. If you have resources to spare to switch emblems.

I wouldn´t remove emblems from Telluria because your guild may like to use green tank.

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BK is good but Telluria is without question the best tank you’ve got there. Telluria makes many other heroes playable/useful on defence due to how good she is as a tank. I would definitely not strip her for Clarissa, but take her to +18 and after that start giving emblems to Clarissa.

I’d go with: Clarissa, BK, Telluria, Marjana and cJoon.

Two red flanks will make it a bit more challenging for the attacker who will/might preferably pick red heroes against your defence due to the very challenging green tank. Your BK has average mana speed but he’s a meat shield and even more so at +17, so he can take lots of damage and will buy your defence even more time with his taunt once he goes off. He’s also a hero you don’t want to dump too many tiles into.

I’d leave Ariel out, one healer will suffice in my opinion since Telluria is very good at buying time for the other heroes once she goes off, so your other heroes can deal even more damage while Telluria is healing them over time. I’d leave Lianna out too, the reason being to make it even less inviting for the attacker to pick red heroes against your defence. I’d avoid as many average mana speed heroes as possible on defence.

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Do you have mana troops for everybody?

no, my only mana troop is for purple and its at level 18 :confused: