Krampus flank and heimdall tank ...?

Hi there,

I already have Heimdall as tank (still building up, but VERY happy with him, real game changer IMHO), and I’ve just pull out Krampus… definetely I don’t want to replace Heimdall as tank in my Defense team. Do you think they could go together with Krampus as flank?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Not a bad idea since reds that will be taken to counter your Heimdall do not have a dispeller to deal with Krampus (not to mention two dispellers to deal with his taunt and then the +50% attack buff).

Whatever the remaining 3 heroes are they must be strong and fast hitters though as you now lack any damage in 2 out of your 5 heroes.

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Thank you, agree… my other heroes in defence are at the moment Hel, Mist and Gefjon, if I put Krampus in (instead of Grimm or Glenda, that are my blue alternatives now), I should change Mist for a strong hitter like Joon (that I don’t have …) …

Trying for Poseidon I Got Kage on last atlantis day :slight_smile: … so he could go instead of Hel (she’s amazing in attack but quite sure Kage in defence could be better) … but miss the fifth … at the moment I have only Sartana as last fast sniper … I think could be better to wait for a yellow one … or sartana could do the job…? I have Leonidas too but at the moment I can’t find a good use for him … maybe with new costume … but not in defence for sure …

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