Do I have best defense I can make with my hero roster?

Thanks ahead of time for any thoughts! Just trying to make sure I’m using the best defensive team I can…

Note: 1 more scope until I can max another blue, likely Ariel.

Tough call. An Ice stack could take out your entire Front 3 in only a small handful of Blue tiles.

I almost wonder if pulling JF and replacing him with Joon would be better, but with Joon at Right Wing, Eve at Left Flank, and everyone else where you have them.

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To me, aegir is one of the worst tank of the game (at least for your raid defense).

I would do: Evelyn - JF- Clarissa- Joon- Alice

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I’m thinking tanking with Clarissa might work

Perhaps Evelyn, JF, Clarissa, Joon, Alice.

Problem with defense now I think is if you kill Kage early, you can pretty much outlast the rest, not enough killing power

I think my suggestion solves that

Edit: we said exactly the same suggestion at the same time @Artamiss - Hilarious!


I would put in that order kageburado/evelyn/eaegir/grazul/joon.
JF therefore not because it does not have a direct attack.

Thank y’all for the quick replies! I used to the lineup that @Mothra first suggested. Regarding @Artamiss and @Infinite, I guess I never thought Clarissa looked all that great, but maybe the 30% special defense is the game changer on her? Also, do you think not having a healer would be an issue?

With Paladin skill and special defense buff she is pretty tough. This is a lot more aggressive on defense but I think would be pretty tough.

My defense front three used to be Mitsuko Justice Khiona, can’t remember the wings but no healers, and that held its own

I just think it is too passive at the moment, you could replace JF with Grazul but I don’t think she is a great defender

I disagree with @Artamiss about Aegir. A tight Defense/Health Talent Grid path makes him harder to take out even with a Nature stack, and if he gets his special off, the offense is more screwed without a buff dispeller charged.

Maybe @Mothra, but two good counters to Aegir are common 4* heroes, Caedmon and Melendor, which makes countering him a little easier, and as he doesn’t slow your mana you only need eight or nine green tile tiles to see him off

Evelyn - Kage (you want him to fire as many times as possible while enemies’ health is still greater than 50%) - Aegir - JF (can really punish a bad board more than you think) - Joon. That’s the best I see from your roster. Clarissa is also another tank option. Don’t flank Aegir with Grazul, never! That’d basically guarantee a win even with the worst of boards. Also give Kage a decent mana troop if you have one to maximize his damage/specials.

Depends on his depth in the Talent Grid. A double-digit emblemed Aegir won’t be a cake walk for Caedmon and Melendor, and a Nature mono stack still could get ripped apart by the attackers especially with a Red healer like Grazul.

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Green have tons of dispellers and you can also reverse the links by using defense down (e.g.: Wilbur, costume tibertus, isarnia, etc.).

Also aegir special is too passive, you can just throw tiles at him until your hereos are charged it’s juste too easy…

I don’t find healers to be a threat in defense except in some particular configurations.

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All true @Mothra

Perhaps I just like to see him because I run Evelyn, Lianna+18, Telly+15, Hansel +18, Caedmon +18. I do enjoy a blue tank with that crew of wreckers

Well, very few defenses would last against that many emblems on an offense. I’m sure you can find a way to take down an unemblemed Clarissa tank and JF+14 flank, as well, if you really thought about it.

My view was that you’d strip Aegir emblems and emblem Clarissa in that setup

I would go heavy blue against you with a dispeller(Frida/Sonya) and then just sink tiles into Aegir and kill him when my heroes are charged.
Because of that I think that Clarissa/Richard is a better option.
I would also remove Grazul and put Joon in.

Stripping emblems is a very big move especially when you consider all of the iron and food that is lost to pursue a “maybe” scenario.

I would at least give my idea a chance before we start throwing away a month’s worth of iron and food to strip emblems.

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@Infinite I’ve got a nice green attack team, too. So I understand your thoughts… Aegir is 895 defense and 1561 health without troop and it would definitely be hard to reset him just because of how expensive he has been… a lot for me to think about here!

Do you use Mana troops, @Cameron_417? If so, that would give your defense a boost too.

@Mothra, Mana on all except purple. One constant I’m seeing is to get Joon back in.

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