What to do with paladin emblems now?

OK, so paladin is one of my worst classes, but I don’t believe in just hoarding emblems. They have no value unapplied, and I have enough reset tokens to move them around if I need to. I’m wondering what I should be doing next with my paladin emblems. Currently, I have Sonya +c20 and Cyprian +18. I’m not inclined to go any further with Cyp; I’m not even 100% committed to not resetting him.

The options I am considering are these:

  • Thorne: Currently at 4^80, and my fourth-best blue, behind Vela +2, Sonya +c20, and Kiril +20 (and costume bonus imminent). I know he royally sucks, even though I wanted to like him, but I’m F2P, so I roll with what I’ve got. Thinking I’d go with the attack path to try and make his special a little more fearful. Currently, I use him in both paladin class quests, 3rd or 4th war team, and on red titans.
  • Sonya #2: Currently at 4^80 with costume at 3^1. Sonya’s costume is a game changer, and I use my Sonya +c20 all the time. I could start embleming a second one to +c20 for more war depth and possibly using both versions of Sonya in a deep blue stack.
  • Gunnar (with costume): Gunnar is already almost a four-star with his defense, and his special is very useful. I understand some folks placed well in Grimforest using costume Gunnar on legendary! He’d be way cheaper to emblem, and if it gives him use beyond three-star tournaments, that’s an option worth considering.

I suppose Tyrum (with costume) and Ei-Dunn are also possibilities, but I just think their potential uses are too limited. Also, if Richard shows up from TC20, problem solved! So, what’s your advice, and why? Comments encouraged.

  • Thorne; a five-star is a five-star
  • Sonya #2; her costume is that good. Who needs variety?
  • Gunnar; he’s a four-star in disguise, and he’s super-cheap to emblem
  • Somebody else

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Uh what? Tyrum can dispel the enemy or cleanse your team depending on need. He is one hero that fits every team.

I’d remove from cyp, add some to Tyrum and then start Thorne. Sonya is awesome, she can dispel ailments or clean status depending on costume. Super girl.

Yes, Tyrum is a three-star Sonya, but he doesn’t have use beyond three-star limited events and tournaments. That’s what I’m getting at. I definitely use him often in those contexts, even when purple isn’t a perfect color choice.

with Thorne, its such a waste of food if you reset the emblems. I dont know about you, but even with all of my farms maxed and clearing 3-4 chests daily, I never have enough food.

I also lack paladins and +18 ed Sonya and Prisca. Still sitting on a hoard of them too… I suggest doing a second sonya for raid tournaments, it’s nice not being locked into a specific load out when she is on your defense team.

c Gunnar is pretty legit too but not sure if he actually needs emblems for his use case? (Challenge events where red isnt allowed.)

Do you have any other 3 or 4* choices?

Not sure what your team comp is but an att/def path thorne can be a decent tank. I see him occasionally in low diamond even.

I have a +20 sonya too, with costume, but i don’t find her costume all that useful. If wars are your priority then a second isn’t a bad idea, but again i think I’d go thorne over her.

Don’t think I’d do gunnar either, but 3 stars are pretty cheap to emblem up, so if you think you’ll get good use in tourneys and events then I’d start with him and then do thorne with whatever’s left.

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Not as much of an issue for me, no. With the rollout of SH 24, I’ve been way shorter of iron lately. Food situation may change significantly with Hero Academy, but it looks like it’ll be weeks before I could possibly have it ready anyway.

I’m thinking that, with emblems, he might have use in some cases where a normal three-star would be too squishy and his special could still be useful (late war teams, some epic tier challenge events, and maybe even some four-star tourneys). I could be overestimating his durability, though.

Unfortunately, no. I scrapped Prisca long ago, and the only way I’d consider leveling another one is if I wanted to use her costume. And if I had the costume, I’d also have the requisite Prisca. I’m hoping for Guardian Falcon next month - he’d obviously go to the head of the line - but with only 11 or 12 pulls, it’s not a sure thing, by any stretch.

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Right now, I’m running Vela + 2 / Poseidon +8 / Domitia +17 / Onatel +7 / Azlar 4^80. Domitia is not a great tank by any stretch, but Poseidon and Onatel are among my best heroes, so I had to find a setup that let me run both of them together. Most nights, this team keeps me in low diamond. Not sure I have a good way to build around a Thorne tank right now, but I’m not opposed to trying it at some point in the future.

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