3* Paladin emblems

I’m looking to solidify a 3* team (primarily for Raid Tournaments but also for events).

Who would you put Paladin emblems on?

  • Tyrum (with costume)
  • Gunnar (with costume)
  • Vodnik

Here’s my other 3-stars, any input on a team would be very helpful

My other 3* (not all are maxed yet)
Blue: Valen(x2), Ulmer, Gato, Gunnar, Vodnik
Red: Namahage+18, Azar, Nashgar, Hawkmoon
Yellow: Bane+18 with costume, Melia
Green: Belith, Muggy, Mnessus, Ishhtak, Brienne (w/costume)
Purple: Tyrum, Oberon, Balthazar (x2)

For defense I did Gunnar myself, as he is one of my primary tanking choices

I took him towards the defense path as paladin. Though I’m unsure how I’d translate that in the Druid tree

He’s a mini Aegir for 3* tournaments in his default form.


@DaveCozy Can you post the tree so I can better tell if the druid one is roughly the same one? Cause I literally wrote it all down but I find it better if I have a picture of the original so I can better compare. Also, just eyeballing it and since you said you went defense for the pally tree, it looks like blacksmith Gunnar is mostly attack and hp.

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Sure, I’ll be right back with screenshots :slight_smile:

EDIT: click image to view full path

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@DaveCozy i just looked at it just now and It looks like Blacksmith Gunnar has a lot of health with a fair bit of defense added on. Sorry for the late reply.