What team can I make?

Hi All,

I don’t have the materials to max out any hero and I don’t seem to be powerful enough to get them. I have spent some money, not really looking to spend more until I see at least some progress. Is there a 4* team I can build with these heroes that might at least get me that far? here’s what i have available

green: Tarlak (stuck for now at 2.60), Buddy, Skittleskull, Melendor
blue: Grimm, Boril, Sonya, Kiril
red: boldtusk, Kelile, Colen, Gormek, Scarlett
purple: Grimble, Cyprian
yellow: Chao, Wu Kong, Li Xiu, Hu Tao

The highest I can really get any of them right now is 3.60. Not looking to do anything crazy, I’d like to beat the campaign and maybe get some ascension mats.

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Hiya @Yanks1111, welcome to the forum!

Firrst off, materials come with time :slight_smile: it’s a bit of a spiral. To get better mats you need better heroes to score better on titans etc… and get better mats to make better heroes

On the flip side, it can be a spiral upwards. As you level more heroes, you do better & deal more damage so you get more materials so you get better heroes so you deal more damage to get more mats etc…

So the outcome of all that is to be patient. The mats will come :slight_smile:

In terms of levelling advice, I would suggest not focusing on your 5* heroes until you have a firm 4* hero foundation. Reason being is that 5* heroes are both expensive and time consuming… They soak up precious resources, feeders, experience and time.
Another reason to focus on 4* heroes is that a maxed 4* is better than a 5* stuck at 3-70… They’re typically stronger & can be emblemed immediately!

So what that looks like in reality (IMO) is to focus on 4* heroes until you have 4 rainbow squads of 4* heroes maxed… (i.e. 4x maxed 4* heroes in each of the 5 colours for 20 maxed 4* in total). By this stage you should be well into the rhythm of killing titans etc… & will know what your play style is, which style of heroes best suit it.

So back to your OP question, I would suggest you use the following defence:
Sonya -> BT -> Li Xiu -> Cyprian -> Melendor

It’s not a great line-up but its solid. These would also be my suggested priorities in levelling up your heroes:
Red - Boldtusk first. Then probably focus on Scalett or Colen (big attack stats)
Blue - Sonya then Grimm then Kiril.
Green - Melendor first, then buddy. Leave Tarlak alone for a while yet.
Yellow - Li Xiu then Wu Kong then Chao
Purple - Cyprian. I’d then possibly push Grimble to 2-60 but not to 3-70 yet (unless no other new 4* purples come along)

In terms of why I suggest not worrying about Tarlak just yet is because:
a) he’s mat locked… His sturdy shields will be better spent on other 4* heroes than tarlak for the above reasons
b) He’s actually not really an improvement on Wu Kong… Definitly not at 2-60 and unlikely at 3-70… Check the link below for comparison of Tarlak to Wu Kong & why I am saying this.


Thanks Guvnor for the welcome and the advice. I know it’s not much to choose from but like I said, I’m not looking for much from the team except to finish the campaign and get a few mats. I’ll just start leveling my 4* based on the suggested priority


Hi @Yanks1111

Welcome to the forum.

Are you in an active alliance?

Fighting titans and wars are good ways to increase your chances for ascension materials.

Here’s a list of some which are specifically for newer players

Hi Jonah,

Yes, I am in an alliance, they regularly take down titans. I haven’t gotten anything yet but I am unsure if I am doing enough damage to qualify. I usually do about 6-15k in damage

Excellent. There is lots of advice on maximising your titan hits on the forum.

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