Which team to build?

Alright, I started out about 6 months ago and gathered up a bunch of heroes. But since there a re a lot more experienced players out there I’d like to get their advice on building teams in case I’m making the wrong choices.

Here’s a list of what I have:

5 stars
Kunchen 3/70
Lianna 3/55
Azlar 3/39
Elena 2/60
Richard 2/58
Inari 2/53
Kageburado 2/47
And unlevelled 5 stars: Seshat x3, Domitia, Margaret x2, Gregorion x2, Elkanen, Azlar, Horghall

4 stars
Grimm maxed
Wu kong maxed
Kashhrek maxed
Boldtusk 3/60
Sonya 2/35
Hu tao 2/21
Unlevelled: Melendor, Caedmon, Kiril, Rigard, Colen, Danzaburado, Triton, Proteus, Boril, Captain of diamonds, Gobbler, Sumitomo, Ameonna, Chessiare cat, Jabbar, Agwe, Gadeirus, Tiburtus, Gretel, Merlin, Sir lancelot, Cyprian, Chao, Little John, Gormek, Sabina, Li xiu and Scarlett

I especially seem to struggle in offence since I use Kunchen as a healer and he’s usually just too slow to save someone.

My honest opinion is you are doing 5*'s and not 3*'s first then 4*'s. The forum sayings 3-4 3* teams then 4* teams at least 2 before moving on to 5* characters. Why? Because you hit the AM wall. On the 9 of this month I will make 8 months and don’t have 1 max 5*. Working on a 5* team but none maxed yet. But I do have 36 different 4*'s. 18 maxed, 12 at level 3:1 or better. Also 18 maxed 3*'s.

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My advice would be to max your 4* heroes in advance of 5*. It’s quicker and it’s much cheaper and they will get you the mats to ascend 5* in the long run.
For example a maxed 4* Rigard is better than Kunchen at 3/70
You also have two other excellent 4* healers in Kiril and Melendor

Well, you just reached the point where all the money you have spent is useless.

If you don’t have the mats to bring some of your 5* to the last tier, you have to go one step back and build a strong 4* team first. With this team you should be able to walk through the events and rare quest to collect the needed mats and in some months you will be able to maxx your 5* and build a pretty strong team. You already have the heroes for that.

If you have a good maxxed 4* team, its much better than a team of five legendary heroes at 3.70.

Which 4 stars would you recommend focussing on? The 3 I have maxed out looked like pretty solid choices, but I could be wrong.

“If you don’t have the mats to bring some of your 5* to the last tier, you have to go one step back and build a strong 4* team first.”

I’m 1 royal tabard short for kunchen and 1 sturdy shield for Lianna atm… and just got my fifth mystic ring as well. The only item that seems to elude me seems to be hidden blades.

I would level Caedmon Boril Kiril Rigard Boril Tiburtus Cyprian Gormek Sabina and Li Xiu they will be very good at max

Finish BT, proteus Caedmon Triton Scarlett kiril rigard Mel lixiu or danza (if u like to gamble some)

They’ll be a solid foundation you will continue to use even after you have maxed 5*.

Add jackal and falcon to the front for their respective colors if u pull next week guardians.

I would focus on the following 4* first
Boldtusk, Scarlett, Proteus, Rigard, Tiburtus, Caedmon, Triton, Kiril, Li Xiu

When maxed they will get you the mats to build your 5*

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