Help-advice on levelling (yellow)

The RNG has been stingy to me of late and I’m running into “now what” status on my colors. Specifically, I’m waiting on darts so I can max my Vivica, who is at 3/70. In the meantime, my options are:

  1. Justice, at 1/1 - but if I don’t have mats for Viv, he’s clearly going nowhere fast
  2. Chao, at 1/1
  3. Kvasir, at 1/1 - maybe for 3* tourney? I have a pretty good 4* roster and more than a few 5, so I’m not sure where else he would fit.
  4. I have Gan Ju maxed, and just pulled his costume, so I could level it for the stat boost, but I use him basically never, so why?
  5. Bite the bullet and off color feed.

Any thoughts appreciated

I’d do the 3* always handy for 3* tournament and events I’m doing a 2nd kavsir now. And wouldn’t hurt to take chao to 3/70 after always handy for low tol or NT.


Kvasir is one of the best 3* you won’t regret it.

And I off color feed all the time. Just situational and depends on my roster and goals. Sometimes I want to feed everything into one hero to move quick and other times I’ll work on 5 at a time.

I think this is a game of strategy and tactics and you do well to be nimble and don’t be too rigid on any particular method or strategy in general.


Kvasir is worth every feeder. I’ll max three myself. Endless minions.

Chao hits like a limp winnie. Justice can be a pain but her slowness means using emblems to make sure she lasts to fire.

Thanks all. I’ll pump Kvasir to max and then probably off color feed until a portal helps me out. Chao… frankly, I’m low on materials, and maybe I’ll just keep him under glass for a while.

Kvasir definitely. I went all health on him to beef up the minions

Health and attack as on all minion spawners to boost the minions.

If I’m short on mats but I like the hero I will level them up to the limit of my inventory then when I do get them it’s just a short sprint to finish. I have 15 5* at 3/70, so anytime I get the mats I just feed that hero all colors and get them to emblems quick.

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