Since Jackal and Gretel and me

I really don’t know what to do with my holy feeders. I have maxed Onatel, Leonidas, Li Xiu, Danzaburo, and Wu Kong. Sitting at 60 are Chao, Hu Tao, and Justice (2.60), none of whom would make any impact on my defense, raids, titan teams, class trials, and probably not tournaments either. Also worth noting: I only have 1 dart, so Justice cannot be maxed (and we do NOT use yellow tanks in war). I am running a single TC 20 and I will pull modestly for Jackal in the next Guardians event; there is no likely imminent time I get a quality holy hero.

It seems to me the options are:

  1. Holy feeders go to a hero of another element.
  2. Final ascension for Chao / Hu Tao, just beause.
  3. Ascend Justice, intending to eventually max her, though it’ll be a while.
  4. Duplicate Danzaburo or Wu Kong for war usage. If I went this route I’d lean Wu Kong as I’m comfortable gambling with him and can just place him on a team where I’m reaching heavily / have a lot of healers / riposters, etc. Note for this (and option 2), my roster is deep enough that a non-maxed four star hero will literally help me zero in wars, so I’d be looking to max them.

I don’t love any of these options, so I’m kind of at a loss. Help?

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Guardians is next week. I would leave Justice and Hu Tao alone and either feed Chao or wait a week to see if Jackal comes your way.

It’s hard for me to feed off color. So I personally would work on Chao, but feeding off color for one week won’t hurt anything.


Hu Tao is actually useful in some 4* raid tournaments. Feeding away your yellow feeders to other colors might be okay if there’s something really interesting you’re working on and have a path to max.


Not really. In a larger sense, I’m a bit uncertain on my best path for each element. My roster depth / lack of four star ascension materials is making it hard to make an impactful addition at this point.

Currently I’m doing:
Anzogh from 2.1 to 2.60
Frida from 4.63 to max
Kadilen from 2.55 to 3.70
Jabbar from 4.23 to max

So…I will soon not know what to do with feeders in multiple elements. I have already deliberately slowed my TC production (shifting to TC 11, opting to spare a builder to bring a TC 11 to TC20) to allay this issue.

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Why not finish off Hu Tao or Chao? They will be useful in AW on occasion and with Hu’s blind and Chao’s mana cut could help in the occasional dark tank raid? Chao with Li Xiu is pretty helpful. Neither hit hard but that mana cut can be the difference between winning and losing.

Plus @IvyTheTerrible, you know you’ll eventually finish them off just because they are there :joy:. Of course my mind hates to see those 3/4 leveled heroes sitting in my roster. I have Chao sitting there now as I am finishing off Gretel, then Chao, then I’ll take Justice from 2/60 to somewhere :woozy_face:

P.S Good Luck in your hunt for Jackal!! I was lucky enough to pull him awhile back. He’s worth every feeder!!


I know. :roll_eyes: I think you’re right; I’m just heavily biased against them. I’ve had both for a very long time and refused to max. At first, when orbs were scarce, I was waiting for a better / more versatile four star / hoping for Wu. Now they’ve gotten passed over again and again.

I have 29 maxed four stars and 8 maxed five stars (Frida will soon make that 9), so I don’t think there’s a realistic war scenario where either sees the field, until we run until an alliance that has all purple tanks. And even then they’d probably have to be high end, as I’d be comfortable attacking the inevitable Rigards, Sabinas, and Cyprians using neutral color stacks.

But all of you are probably right - I think I just need to talk myself into it. I’ll probably wait one week, hope for Jackal, then move on.


I always feel like I can use another hero? I tend to prioritize the more important ones as they come and then go back and finish off my started projects. Right now I have Yunan, Mitsuko and Obakan to even start on. I’m sticking to my guns and finishing my current projects until I have them as far as I can take them!!! Come on last telescope!!!

But I always feel like there will be an AW where I’ll wish I have that particular hero maxed so its more of a mind game I play with myself :joy::rofl:

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Not big fan of Hu Tao too, I fully ascended him about 1 month ago, as I want to have six 4s heroes maxed of each color for AW and he was sitting at 3.60 since long time… I must admit he has his use, especially if his special fires off, blind is a nice feature.

Chao is subpar. I am in the process of giving Chao emblems and I’m finding him a lot more fun to use, but if he wasn’t my only maxed ranger I’d say there’s definitely better choices for them. Before emblems his damage is mediocre, and the mana cut isn’t useful on its own even with emblems. Better if paired with other other yellow mana controllers, with Onatel and Leo they would both be good allies. He’s also the only yellow ranger but unfortunately that color isn’t really good for those quests.

Hu Tao is also subpar, although I like his blindness ailment a lot more. He is good for rush attack tournaments, and he’s also a yellow fighter. Unlike Chao his color is better suited for those quests.

Buffer and Future predictions

Depends on your yellow 3* / 4* ascension item situation.

Hu Tao 4* 4.01, or higher, gives you a buffer. Hu Tao is fine at 4* 3.60 for class quests, but a little extra yellow damage can help if the boards suck. If the other side in war has a lot of purple heroes, Hu Tao’s tile/ matching damage might help.

Justice was recently buffed. Devs added war, and tourney, so I have not a clue what the new multi player activity they are working on. Justice might be perfect for it.

Equal trade

Devs have said trade is on the road map. In Pokemon GO ( different leveling system ) I will sometimes buff a hero I do not intend to use, then offer it in trade for a pre buffed hero I need.

Play style

Based on what you have told us, this appears to be the best option.

I am currently stuck with no red hero. So I am feeding red 1* to 4* Heroes to other color heroes with 8/8 special skill.

3* / 4* ascension items

I am saving a bunch of 3* / 4* ascension items until Costumes hit the live server because Costumes v0.1 used 3* / 4* ascension items. ( Crossing fingers ) but hopefully the Devs pick a different route.

You and I are on such similar trajectories @IvyTheTerrible !

In that situation I would, and did, max Chao for War depth. Fast mana, a decent snipe, and mana cut bonus.

I now use him in pretty much every war - but that’s all I use him for.

My current focus is on fast, attacking heroes for war as I am pretty happy with my defence. Chao fits the bill.

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Chao is useful for war.

Hu Tao useful most in very fast 4* tourneys so much more limited use.

I’d definitely do Chao at some point, fast hitters are great for war. Other than that prioritizing other colours is fine too.

People seem to overlook that Hu Tao got a nice buff on his attack a few months back. He’s slow, but he actually hits credibly now.


Why else? :rofl: :wink:

I use Hu Tao in my class Trials teams and Chao every AW, they’re definitely both useful so I’m glad I used the mats on them. With only 6 max yellow heroes, you’ll appreciate the extra depth if you run into an alliance with all purple tanks. That said, I’ve been putting off yellow myself and using my yellows as feeders for purple :rofl::sweat_smile: maybe I’ll ascend Li Xiu today and practice what I preach.

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When I’m restricted by mats or uncertain on which heroes to work on, I lvl a 3*.

They’ll help in rare events and these 3* tournaments. Nice change of pace to see quick progress and doesn’t take much ham.


I would go for option 1.

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Good thought, and one I hadn’t really considered. Who would you add (duplicates also an option)? Like maybe I should add Friar Tuck for the Buff Booster three star?

All maxed
Fire: Hawkmoon, Jahangir, Namahage, Rudolph
Ice: Valen, Karil, Gunnar, Ulmer, Gato
Nature: Belith, Berden, Brienne, Carver, Mnesseus, Muggy, Hisan
Holy: Bane, Kailani, Gan Ju, Melia, Arman
Dark: Tyrum, Balthazar, Chochin, Gill-Ra


Duplicate 3*

I had 3x Bane 3* 3.50 before Season 2 for war.


They added Melia. Melia plus Brienne ( together they fight crime) are crazy good for Rare events. So my extra two Banes have been neglected.

I have fun running 2x Melia 3*+1 for farming 1.7-4 .

I love 2x Belith for reflect red events and 2x Hawkmoon for reflect green since I like double healers.

I will probably level 2x Rudolph and 2x Hisan and save for trade.

I am considering leveling 5x Boldtusk just because I can. Or taking a 120 break while they figure out Hero Academy, shards and trade.


If you are leveling 3*/ 4* Heroes for Tourneys, lots of duplicates become more interesting.

No blue make 2x to 3x Rudolph very nice. Or 2x Boldtusk.
No red make 2x to 3x Hisan very nice. And 2x Muggy, and 2x Carver, interesting. Or 2x Little John.
No yellow make 2x Chochin, and 2x Tyrum, interesting. Or 2x Proteus.
No purple make 2x Bane, and 2x Melia, interesting. Or 2x Li Xiu.
No green makes 2x Gunnar interesting. Or 2x Valeria, and 2x Boril.

Too bad Tourneys are not more often. That would solve a lot of my problems having 4* / 5* worth leveling.


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