What’s Up With Ursula? (Heart of Atlantis)

Hello All!
Has anyone figured out how to beat Ursula in the “Heart of Atlantis”? (with five 4 :star: completely leveled-up Heroes?) Or do I have to wait until forever, when I have five 5 :star: … Heroes?

Spoiler alert : if you don’t want to know the rewards or complete details regarding Ursena, don’t click

There are a lot of players who have made it with very different teams, some consisting of only 4*. You can read through the thread i linked to learn more.
You could also post a picture of your team and roster and we could help you create the best team to take her down.
Is it for normal or hard mode?


Definitely not, here’s the team I used on Hard Mode:

I think I could have readily done it with Rigard instead of Vivica, and as @J1mau mentioned, that thread above has lots of examples of 4* teams people used to beat it.


4 healers + Wu
and an hour to go…

Mele Rigs Boldie Kiril Wu

Both types of revive scrolls and 2 slots of mana. Mana to heal the ressurected.


Thank you for responding so quickly :+1:t5:
I’m in normal mode. And thanks for the correction… Ursena is a trip!
I do have two 5 :star:Heroes (Magni and Elkanen) but they’re not leveled all the way up yet. The ones I ride with are: Cyprian (7), Grimm (7), Caedmon (6), Scarlett (7), and Hu Tao (7) “parenthetical numbers are Talent Grid Level”


You just need healers.
You’ll have to kill her by tiles.
Hitters only lower your chances to survive long enough.


I will have to do a lot of building up if the healers I just acquired. Thanks. Any healers in particular that you would suggest?

Thank you! That’s good stuff!

I did it with a full 4* team.

I did have Wu on my team and several healers , one riposte . So it can be done.
Survival is the key

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Any 4*/5* healers will do but preferably non-purple as purple tile damage is low against Ursena.

Having Wilbur/Scarlett will help a lot.
Riposte heroes can be used too.

This is my team for Normal Mode (I killed her with riposte instead of tiles):

This is my team for hard mode along with the video (took me 1 hour and 10 minutes):

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Almost no purple :rofl:


:ok_hand:t5: What do you think about: Wu Tao, Cyprian, Hawkmoon, Melendor, and for blue which would be better- Magni or Grimm?

Ursena skill deal extra damage against yellow and the buff will reflect any yellow offensive skill unless dispelled. Your Hu Tao will have to wait for Melendor’s dispel. I won’t recommend using him.

Hawkmoon is too weak for this one. Use at least 4*.

By the way, Wu is Wu Kong, not Hu Tao…

And you don’t have to bring every color. You need to bring Scarlett to improve your survival chance if you lack healers even though it will also reduce the riposte effect.

Thanks. That gives me some hope… From your team, I only have Wu Kong and Scarlett. Wu is new but Scarlett is up to a 7 on Talent Grid. I do have a 7 Grid Wu Tao though.

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Ranvir, Vivica, Joon and 2 Delilah would be the best team to kill her fast.

Rares will die on a single slash of her. You’ll need at least 5 almost maxed epics to beat Ursl. Preferable 3 of them should heal and/or buff.

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For the hard mode… for normal mode I use 3/60 Boril and Cyprian :wink:


:sob: I have NONE of those. But I will get over that. Thanks :relaxed:

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If you get another 4* healer, you can try: Wu Kong - Melendor - Cyprian - Scarlett - 4* healer…

If you get two 4* healer, you can replace Scarlett.

Scarlett was actually the MVP of that team.

Debuffing Ursena’s attack is hugely helpful.


Wasn’t a big difference imo. Both fights lasted long, her special wasn’t a big threat, but her slashs after each turn were annoyingly devastating.

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