Frida vs Alice

Hey everyone, I wanted to know if I could get some input on changing my defense team. I finally have the mats to level up Frida or Alice, they would be replacing King Arthur. I’m hoping more fast mana heroes will help fend off players in the diamond arena. Feel free to discuss any of the pros and cons of these hero’s or any other hero’s you think might fill his spot as well. Side note I may switch Domitian for Sartana when she is ready as well.

Frida is likewise average mana.

Since you already have King Arthur as an elemental debuffer for Ice, I’d recommend Alice. She’s got a good snipe, her debuff is nice to apply to an offense, and she’s very good in a blue stack for Field Aid wars.


Agreed with @Garanwyn

You already have an ice elemental defense dropper in Arthur, I wouldn’t bother maxing another one at this time. Alice will bring more variety, and she’ll be faster. Plus, you won’t have Frida competing with Arthur for those Paladin emblems. Only thing is your poor Alice will have to wait longer for her rogue emblems because of Marjana. Alice is a top notch hero to use rogue emblems on though, so definitely make her the priority when you’re done with Marj.

Your lineup could then be:


Don’t like averages in the wings, and Domitia flanking means her dispel will go off earlier (usually) and more frequently (usually). Also, don’t want both fasts on one side, and both averages on the other; makes it a lot easier to throw a few more tiles the slower way.

Hopefully you get a suitable defensive green to swap out Melendor with eventually, that can either flank if he has the defense or health stat to handle it, or wing if he’s fast, because Mel is super squishy on defense.